Good morning families happy Wednesday!
To start our day we enjoyed exploring outside with our Junior Kindy friends. Within the yard we had some super exciting activities set up including cooking utensils in the sandpit, rackets and balls to practice our hand and eye coordination and some beautiful music for dancing. Everyone was so excited to come outside and play with all their friends and see Miss Tash and Miss Stacie. Everyone gathered for a dance party on the grass before we transitioned inside to follow our daily routine. We worked together as a class to tidy up the outside area before moving inside. As we went inside we put away our hats and took off our shoes joining on the mat for a group time.

Miss Stacie started off the group by going through our feelings chart with senior kindy corresponding our feelings to the appropriate colours for example angry to red.
The children did a fantastic job communicating each feeling and matching them to the correct ‘zone’ the children have shown they are acknowledging there learning of different feelings and are being to communicate these with the educators and during everyday play.
Miss Stacie encouraged the children to choose how they are feeling and place the emotion face onto the zones of regulation chart.
Miss Stacie then continued with group time moving on to reading a book as a class. Miss Stacie chose one friend to go and pick a book from our teachers book basket. Poppy was chosen and she picked the “Room on the Broom”. Senior kindy loved reading this book and laughing as each animal joined the witch on the broom and created their own friendships. To extend off this book we had an open class discussion of what animals we have at home and what are their names. Each child put their hands up telling us what animal they had at home, some of us had some super cool animals such as tigers and snakes. Miss Tash shared that she had a beautiful dog at home named Luna and Miss Stacie also has a dog named Scooby. Miss Stacie and Miss Tash showed us all a picture of there four legged friends.
As we sung one song of “Ba Ba Black Sheep” we then continued on to our daily show and tell. Today we started with Isla. Isla brought in a rattle from home and explained it was “My Georgia” and then said “My Sister, she small”. Following this Lena brought in a toy lion, Miss Stacie asked were this was from and she shared it was from “home” and “mumma”. She also shared it was “her tiger and it was orange, black and white with big eyes” everyone was so excited to see it. Lilly B was next, she brought in a bunny to share to her friends, Lilly shared it is “grey” and when Miss Stacie asked where it was from her said it was from
Miss Tash then asked the children “How are you feeling today at Kindy? to link to further learning of our emotions and encourage new conversations with their peers about their time at kindy.
“China and someone made I”. Miss Stacie continued to ask what his name and she is said “Coco, coco is my favourite name” and she likes to sleep with her because she has a “lovely face”. Diollo brought in a car and said “mummy” brought it for him then he quickly sat down with his friends. To finish show and tell Lincoln stood up with some super cool glasses “which were from the classroom”, Miss Stacie asked when he liked to wear them he answered “you put them on for the sun outside”. After Lincoln showed everyone how to wear them then he joined his friends sitting down back with the class. To finish our group time we went through our daily affirmations, Miss Tash then encouraged all the children to join. The children loved using a big loud voice when communicating as a group “I am kind, I am brave, I am strong, I am beautiful and I am loved.”

After filling our bellies with some yummy fruit toast and fresh fruits for morning tea it was time for us to go off an explore within the classroom. On the mat everyone joined for some self selection of activities while Miss Tash and Miss Stacie set up two very fun activities for the day. This week is NAIDOC week. NAIDOC Week is a celebration of the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. NAIDOC Week is a celebration of the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. On one table we had some art and crafts set up. To include the NAIDOC celebration we decided to allow the children to collage their own interpretation on the Aboriginal Flag. We got some craft paper in yellow, red and black  along with some plain white paper and a picture of the aboriginal flag. The children were able to interpret the picture and use this to create their very own. Each friend was given the opportunity to use their own fine motor skills to pick up the colour paper and put it in their desired place on the white paper. Once they finished we hung them up to dry. Diollo, Matthew and Andrew really enjoyed creating their own flags. They loved rolling the paper in their hands and then dipping it in the glue then placing it in the spot they wanted it to go. On the other table we were prepping for an activity we will be completing tomorrow. The activity we will be doing tomorrow included rainbow pasta so we had to dye the pasta today so it would be ready tomorrow. We used rainbow colours to dye groups of pasta and Senior Kindy was so excited to watch the pasta turn the different colours. Lilly, A was being a great helper, helping Miss Stacie move the pasta around with a spoon and using gloves watching the colour spread around the pasta. On the mat all of our friends were super busy with their own activities. Karina and Chloe were sitting in home corner reading some books together with Miss Emma. They asked her to read the Cinderella book and loved looking at the pictures in the book. Noah and Zach found some cool wooden blocks on the shelves and they brought them onto the mat to explore with. Dilan and Lily B came over and joined them on the mat and they built all together. They loved stacking them on top of each other so it was super tall working as a team, then they would watch it fall laughing and rebuilding it again. After tidying the children then placed their hats on and were ready to play outdoors in the beautiful sunshine.