Our Story…

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to another beautiful day in the Babies 2 classroom.


What a lovely morning we had combined in the Babies 1 classroom with all our friends. We all enjoyed exploring the inside activities with some acoustic covers as background music. We explored with the cool abacus beads, role playing with the babies and investigating cool sensory boxes filled with natural elements including leaves, sticks and bark. Once more friends arrived it was time to transition into our Babies room to start our daily routine.


As we entered the room, we changed our nappies and jumped into the highchairs to enjoy some delicious morning tea including fruit toast and fresh banana and strawberries. After that we were ready to go off and enjoy activity time.

Miss Claudia gathered a big piece of green cardboard and stuck it to the table. She also found some jumbo rainbow crayons and put them next to the paper, she then invited everyone to join her to do some expressive drawing. Miss Claudia was also showing the babies each colour of the crayons and asking them to say them after her as she handed them out to each baby. Kingston, Noah, Madeline, Lachlan and Elodee loved using their own imaginations to draw using the beautiful colours making the most beautiful piece of art work which will be displayed around the room. Babies showed great skills in being able to hold the crayons and move them around using their fine motor skills. In home corner Spencer was cooking up a storm using the cooking utensils to make some delicious food to feed the babies. His favourite tool was the frying pans and the forks. On the fluffy mat Miss Emma was sat with India having some conversational reading with the colour book. India was very intrigued and loved pointing at some of the pictures within the book, she especially loved the orange lion. Miss Emma made a roaring noise and India was trying to copy. As a group we joined on the mat before lunch. Miss Claudia went through a group time including our Indigenous Acknowledgement to Country and sung some of our favourite including Ba Ba Black Sheep and If Your Happy and You Know It. To finish our group time we did Bee Bee Bumble Bee and attempted to say our own names along with our friends. After we hopped into the high chairs and had yummy lunch and then we were all ready to go to sleep and drift off to some beautiful calming music.


While our older friends relaxed and had a big sleep Oliver had some one on one interactions with Miss Tegan and Claudia. Oliver loved risk taking and trying to crawl up the foam blocks along with practicing his walking with some assistance from his educators.


Soon after our older friends woke up as fresh as a daisy and ready to enjoy the afternoon playing all together.


Thanks for the beautiful day


Miss Claudia and Miss Tegan x