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Kindergarten One



Good Afternoon Families, we have had a great day here at Kindy one!

Outside we had lots of activities going on, some friends were in the home corner baking a cake for Ava.P’s birthday! Miss Kate asked if she could try some when it was finished. Josiah built a huge castle out the big blocks, the wind was so strong it blew the building over, Josiah was okay about this and built it back up straight away. Other friends were busy with the water pump, we pumped some water into the sand to make it wet, Vanessa was jumping in it pretending it was a rain puddle. Other friends were busy in the mud kitchen, Tilly was making Ava another Birthday cake. Miss Nicole said we are going to be full of Birthday cake today!!

Inside we worked throughout routine, Miss Kate found out the Yugambeh word for ‘sky’ to add into Acknowledgement to Country. This was suggested by Boston yesterday when he said we should change the word ‘friends’ to ‘Jimbula’. We decided to learn the words for ‘sky’ and ‘land’ to use these in our Acknowledgement to Country. However, we couldn’t find the word for land so we decided to ask Miss Jo for help and she is going to email Uncle Alan to help us out! We quickly worked through the role which Noa chose to answer in Welsh, we also worked through our numbers and sounds and the sound of the day is ‘q’:










Miss Hayley soon arrived for yoga, we sat in a circle and welcomes eachother with our song “see the light”. We requested to go on a dragon hunt, this was so much fun acting out the dragon hunt, we had to search and walk over the bridge, climb a tree, go into a boat, through a stinky swap and then into a cave. This routine it done through yoga poses and helps our friends with their flexibility. We also engaged in the hot chocolate- one of our favourites!

Miss Kate then discussed “When I grow up…” We spoke about what we want to be when we grow up, to extend this we painted ourselves in our desired job title. We had lots of different one, Doctors, nurses, ballerinas, sailors, army men and many more! Miss Kate is taking pictures for our graduation- this is a secret sorry friends!!


This afternoon we practised our graduation song and dance and chose our activities. We chose creative area, painting, puzzles, magnetic letters, Bunnings area and reading area.

On the TUESDAY 15.10.19 we will be going on an excursion to Bunnings Southport. Please ensure that your permission slip is filled in ASAP. This trip will cost $3 per child to cover transport, which will be taken out of your account. If any parents would like to volunteer for this trip please let Miss Kate know ASAP

Sorry no photos would upload today.

Thank you

Miss Kate and Miss Nicole