Good morning families happy Wednesday!
To start our day the enjoyed indoors activities are the weather permitted us to go outdoors and explore.
The children enjoyed exploring with the dolls in the quiet area role playing mums and dads, Chloe used the timers as a bottle and encouraged her friends to also help feed their babies, we also enjoyed building with the colourful blocks on the mat making a ‘paw patrol house’  and creating different delicious pizzas with lots of toppings such as sprinkles, onions, cheese, tomato and chocolate.
As the JK children moved into their room, the educators then encouraged the SK children to tidy the room before starting our morning with group time.
All the children worked together as a team ensuring the room was tidy and ready to explore after our delicious morning tea.

Miss Tash started off the group by explaining our amazing new feelings chart, Miss Tash asked the children if they were able to communicate which colour represents each feeling.
The children did a fantastic job communicating each feeling and matching them to the correct ‘zone’ the children have shown they are acknowledging there learning of different feelings and are being to communicate these with the educators and during everyday play.
Miss Tash encouraged the children to choose how they are feeling and place the emotion face onto the zones of regulation chart.
Miss Tash then continue on with group time moving onto show and tell. Marley was excited to show his friends his ‘flat ball.’  Marley spoke about his show and tell explaining “I play with it in my backyard.” Marley then held his ball in front of his friends pushing it together causing it to go flat. Marley then demonstrated that when you bounce it turns back into a ball.
Zachary went next holding his plane, Zachary said “It’s my plane from my home, it flies in the sky and goes up and down.”  While moving the plane up and down with a big smile on his face. Next was Phoenix’s turn, he was super excited to show everyone his ‘beans’ Phoenix explained he had “grasshopper beans, snake ones, shell ones” he then went on to explain “you need to put them in the garden to grow and they turn into a flower and grow and they are from my daddies.”
Isla went next finishing off our show and tell for the day, Isla told her friends she had brought in “a sheep book, I brought it from my home its where the green sheep.” Miss Tash then asked Isla if she would like Miss Tash to read it to her friends, Isla agreed and joined her friends on the mat for the story.
Once the story was finished the children made comments “The green sheep is at the back of the book.”
“Where is the blue sheep?” Poppy then asked Miss Tash if they could go through their daily affirmations, Miss Tash then encouraged all the children to join. The children loved using a big loud voice when communicating as a group “I am kind, I am brave, I am strong, I am beautiful and I am loved.”
Miss Tash then asked the children “How are you feeling today at Kindy? to link to further learning of our emotions and encourage new conversations with their peers about their time at kindy.
Karina – I’m good, ba ba black sheep. Poppy- Happy, because I like the bread at kindy, Lillianna – sad cos I want my mumma, I get happy when she cuddles me, Phoenix- Happy because my mum picks me up, Zachary- Happy playing with Chloe, Yaolin-Happy, daddy and mummy, Matthew- sad, because I give mum a cuddle ( smiling while expressing this emotion to his educators) Marley- Happy because I like stories at Kindy, Lincoln- Good because I play with cars, Chloe- Happy playing with the toys, Isla- Happy reading my sheep book,  and Andrew- Happy with I play with Matthew.
After these conversations the children then sat together enjoying a delicious morning tea.
After morning tea the children were encouraged to engage in free play while Miss Tash and Miss Stacie prepare the table area for intentional teaching experiences.
Miss Tash then encouraged, Matthew, Andrew, Lincoln and Phoenix to join her in a one on one interaction talking about different emotions. Miss Tash showed the children the different faces on the different coloured circles and asked the children to communicate back which face was happy, sad, excited, and angry. The children were then encouraged to create these faces on their own coloured circles. Each of the children did an amazing job expressing their creative skills when taking the time to focus on recreating the faces.
Miss Stacie then placed out 4 different coloured paints, red, yellow, blue and green to link them to our learning about emotions, Chloe and Lillianna were first to explore with these faces, Chloe communication she was going to paint a happy face and chose the green paint brush, Lillianna said ”I can do the same but I can wait for the green brush to can’t I.” Miss Stacie then provided Lillianna with her own paint brush so she was able to continue expressing herself through creative thinking at the art easel.
The children enjoyed having some time outdoors to explore in their yard, Dilan, Matthew and Andrew made their was to the sandpit, Dilan the told Miss Stacie “It’s wet” Andrew then engaged in conversation with Dilan “ It’s not raining now.”
Together the children ran across the pirate bridge, then jumping off the other side into the sandpit.
Miss Stacie was then asked by Isla if she could please push the children on the swing, Miss Stacie, Phoenix, Isla, Poppy, Lillianna and Chloe all sat on the swing together giggled and asking to go higher and higher.
Marley then approached Miss Stacie asked to play with his flat ball, Miss Stacie then got Marley’s flat ball for him, Marley enjoyed showing his friends how it works and how he can bounce in on the concrete.
Karina was busy in the sandpit exploring with her JK friends creating more cakes, Karina would then sing happy birthday and pretend to blow out the candles.

Have a great afternoon, Miss Tash an Miss Stacie 🙂