Kindergarten One


Jingeri families and friends, we hope you are enjoying sunshine today! Friends had lots of mixed emotions today- Miss Kate especially! We enjoyed playing outside to begin with the construction blocks, the girls created two joining chairs. They extended this and created a shoe rack to go with it! Other friends were busy in the mud kitchen baking lots of yummy treats. Some friends had lots of fun sliding down the slide, giggling away!! Chloe came in with big smiles this morning, as she was now 5 years old!!!HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Once inside we chose to split our warm up dance with half of jingle bells and All I want for Christmas! This soon turned into friends having a big group hug with Miss Kate. We sang happy birthday to Chloe this morning as some friends were leaving early.

Activities we chose today, friends wanted the magnetic letter out in the water. Boston sat for a very long time spelling his name, his brothers name, he then moved on to find all the letters in the alphabet!!

Other friends engaged in a very tricky puzzle, they were persistent and completed it which made Miss Kate very proud! Snakes and Ladders were popular this morning with friends working in 4 to play the game. Drawing of course was full with friends using pens and pencils to create Christmas Tree’s, presents and cards. Rainbow blocks were pulled out later on and friends lined them up in colour order, which looked like a real rainbow

We had build your own burgers for lunch which were delicious! For rest time we sat lovely with some books, after this we had a sing to our favourite songs- this didn’t stop there of course we had to DANCE!!

Afternoon activities were:

  • Puzzles
  • Magnetic letters
  • Reading books
  • Drawing
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Matching game
  • And lots more dancing!!!


With it being quite a few friends last day, I’d like to take this opportunity to Thank you all for the amazing support in a crazy year. Your children have made a huge impact on my life and I will certainly never forget this beautiful group of friends I’ve made. Thank you for all your beautiful presents and kind words. I will truly miss every single little friend and their amazing families. Please do not be a stranger, keep in contact and come and visit me in my new class and centre. Merry Christmas to you all- Have a magical time! Miss Kate