Jingeri Mums and Dads!

Today we had a wonderful wacky Wednesday with our Kindy 2 friends! Although it was a bit cloudy today, we still managed to have a fun play outside. The kids enjoyed running around the fort area and baking mud cookies and sand castles in the sandpit. Our friends created their own gymnastics lesson with the hula-hoops and tried to show each other how to spin the hoop around their hips. They really enjoyed this activity and carried on for the duration of outdoor play.

We continued our extension on colour mixing by making our own playdough and using food colouring to make blue and red playdough. The children were so engaged in making the playdough and each took a turn to add the ingredients. Once the two colours were made, the children were given a small ball of each colour – red and blue. The children were super excited to start combining the colours together and were amazed with the results! “It makes purple”, “I can see purple!” and “Blue and red together make purple!” – were the excited comments that filled the classroom during this colour-mixing activity.

Our affirmation card for today read: ‘I listen to what other say’ and we had a group discussion with Miss Jaime about listening to others when they tell us something, especially if it is important. The children mentioned the reasons why we should listen to our friends: they might need our help, if they want us to share toys and if they want us to play with them. Today we all tried our best to meet this affirmation card by using and listening to each other’s words when we communicate with each other.

During the afternoon, Miss Jaime spent time with the children 1:1 and asked them to draw or tell her what they enjoyed doing today and to draw it in our Kindy 2 flaw book.

Nya-nyah-bu, see you soon!

Miss Jaime, Miss Jess and Miss Natalie