Jingeri families,
Happy Wonderful Wacky Wednesday!

Wow, what a fun filled morning we have had, today we begun by exploring the sandpit using the different materials such as tires and beds to create bridges and a shop.
The children worked together using there creative thinking and made sure everyone was having fun!

As the children enjoyed exploring with the water and paintbrushes yesterday they asked the educators to play with this again, today the children were attempting to write their names and using there imagination to create lots of different paintings.
The children have been feeling very interested in exploring their artistic skills so the educators created a drawing table for outdoor play, the children were drawing themselves and there families, they are so excited to bring these home.

During morning group time today Miss Jess and the children worked together for our acknowledgement to country, our good morning song and talking about the days of the week,
The children were extremely excited as we had Miss Hayley come for our morning yoga class, the children were fantastic listeners when following Miss Hayley’s instructions.

The children made a circle and started off the session pretending their bodies were snakes laying on the floor stretching our arms and legs out.
The children then continued to follow Miss Hayley’s actions moving into the child’s pose, downward dog and stretching our arms from side to side.
The children then finished off with a small breathing exercise using a exercise ball and moving it out and in towards our bodies.

After morning yoga the children were excited to explore the table top activities, peg boards, name writing in the sand, dinosaurs and many more.
The children showed great communication and working together when exploring and creating all the fun activities.

After our delicious lunch time today the children sat for group time with Miss Jamie continuing on with Phonemic awareness training, the children are becoming fantastic at learning and remembering different rhyming words.

We hope you have all enjoyed this beautiful Wednesday.