Welcome to the 2021 Winter Vacation Care at BELC. Inside this morning Miss Cindy challenged the children to build a football stadium in our construction area. The children used the wooden blocks and magnetic shapes to build a stadium. Some of the children felt challenged by this once they finished building the actual football field but other children had great ideas to offer the challenged children to over come this. They all worked so well together as a team adding different sections to the stadium. Outside today on the tables the children enjoyed making posters to support their favorite sporting teams as well as cheering pom poms. Mr Peter had made our sticks for us to add the crepe paper to them to make our pom poms. Thanks Mr Peter.

9am-9.30am: MORNING TEA

Morning Tea this morning was strawberries, bananas and rice cakes.

9.30am-11am: GYM/PLAYGROUND

Miss Kim took our youngest group of children for a session in the Tumble tots gym  for 40mins. The rest of the children joined with Miss Cindy and Miss Maca for some group ball games. We split into 2 groups then played tunnel ball. The children were very competitive and worked well as teams to be the fastest team to finish. After tunnel ball we stayed in the same teams and had a dribble the basket ball and soccer ball race. The children worked out it was easier to dribble the basketball with their hands than it was to dribble the soccer ball with their feet. Miss Cindy then set up some markers for the children to weave through as they dribbled the basketball. We timed all the children as a group doing this and then we repeated it trying to beat our first time. All the children participated this and really enjoyed this active session.

11am-12pm: GROUP TIME

Miss Cindy made an NRL/AFL quiz for the children to answer in groups. Miss Maca split the children into 4 groups and they all worked as a team to answer the quiz questions. At the end Miss Maca told them the answers and the winning team answered 8 correct out of 12 questions. Good effort to all the children. The children then worked amongst themselves to make their own sport quiz. The children enjoyed doing this and even asked the other groups their quiz questions.

12pm-12.30pm: LUNCH

Lunch today was skinless hot dogs with tomato or bbq sauce on fresh hot dog rolls Yummo!

12.30pm-1pm: CHILL TIME

Some children enjoyed yoga with Miss Maca for 30 mins while others enjoyed reading, puzzles and own devices.

1pm-2.30pm: GYM/PLAYGROUND

Miss Kim took 2 groups of the older children to enjoy a session in Tumble Tots Gym. Miss Cindy and the other children played table tennis and hand ball. The children discovered that the ball was not as bouncy on the trestle tables compared to the inside tables/desks.

2.30pm-3pm: AFTERNOON TEA

We enjoyed watermelon, apples and Crunchy crisps for afternoon tea today.

3pm-4.30pm: INDOOR/OUTDOOR

Inside this afternoon some children enjoyed some quiet construction time while others enjoyed a game of chess or monopoly. Outside some children finished off their morning craft activities which was pom pom making and team posters. Some children then tried out their pom poms with a little cheer-leading. Fun Fun!!

4.30-6.30: PLAYGROUND

After a busy day filled with fun activities the children were looking forward to some free play time in the playground. While some children explored the playground others liked helping Miss Maca with our Winter Vacation Care Daily Journal.