Week 2  – Day 1


We had a lovely quiet morning to start our week. Elyse was playing teachers with Ashley, Lucy & Mia. Pia, Zoe & Volicia coloured in our sushi train Easter colouring in competition pictures. Zoe was very proud to display hers up on our wall of fame.

9am – Morning tea. We enjoyed peaches, pears, bananas, sultanas & yogurt before a big play outside.

Tyhe girls enjoyed playing Easter bingo while the boys built forts out fo the big blocks, dug in the sand and raced the red racing cars.

10.30am  – Mr Sam BOOT CAMP.

Everyone was very excited to see Mr Sam today and were pumped for their boot camp. They started by warming up with an obstacle course of hurdles, hoops, tyres and a big run and then went into tyre rolling races, tug of war & tag.

Shamus enjoyed exploring the nature while we were outside and found a branch to camouflage himself.

Everyone participated with lots of encouragement and enjoyed the praise for their efforts. It was a hot day so we made sure we wore hats, sun cream and drank lots of water. Xavier had a nice afternoon snooze after his big work out.

12pm – Lunch today was sandwiches and they enjoyed Miss Nicole toasting them for them.

We spent some time in the nice cool air con doing art & the girls enjoyed dressing up in the fury hood costumes and dancing in front of the mirrors. The boys made cubby houses, enjoyed some wuiet time on their Ipads and then we had a you tube dance challenge.

2pm to 3pm – Everyone enjoyed another play outside. Zoe & Mia were learning how to shoot hoops with Miss Jen.

Oskar asked to watch some Teen Titans in the afternoon and was joined by Henry & Shamus.

Thank you for a lovely day everyone.

Miss Jen & Miss Nicole.



Written by Outside School Hours Care