7am – 9am – FREE CHOICE ACTIVITIES & PLAY- Everyone was excited that today we would be racing go karts & then having another fun afternoon of virtual reality car racing.

Mila, Brendan, Zavier, & Axl enjoyed watching Rabbids Invasion while Agnes & Scout coloured in some pictures of race cars. Lucy, Elyse & Mia played outside in the sandpit and ran around to warm up. Brendan, Axl & Jakobi enjoyed climbing the big frangipani tree.

9am – Morning tea today was yummy fruit toast.

9.30am – GO KART WILD  – We put on our sunscreen, hats, filled our water bottles and off we went for our fun morning of go karting on the big pedal go karts. We had a safety talk before beginning and then we walked the karts over to the netball courts with our partners. We had some time to ride around and get used to them before we started some races which were so much fun. Our go kart champion of the day was Myles as he was super fast and a very safe driver. We then went for an awesome trek around Bellevue up and down the grassy hills and around the undercover areas until we could not ride anymore as we were all tired and hungry. It was an awesome morning and everyone had as many goes as they could on the karts and all asked to have them again next holidays. Rohan was proud to ride today as he had not been on one before. Blake & Oliver were proud as they were able to ride the big karts on their own even with their little legs. Volicia, Scout, Mia, Elyse, Lu uly Amali, Ava, Agnes, Mila, Zoe & Lucy all double and tripled each other around and had a wonderful time and enjoyed that more than the races.

12pm – Lunch today was delicious tacos with cheese, avocado, pineapple & corn.

12.30pm – 3.30pm – VR EXPERIENCE – We began our afternoon of virtual reality race car driving & robots. They had fun wearing the VR headset while their friends drove too it was funny to watch them dodge all that things that got in their way in the race. We all had fun having quick turns and passing it on to our friends to see who could win the bronze, silver & gold medals for those who wanted to and those that didn’t had a fun making cubby houses, lego sculptures & make up and dress ups.  Then we swapped over and played the Astrobot game which the children loved and were much better it at than Miss Jen. Juno & Mila made some great lego creations. Juno made an elephant, a dog & a giraffe as she is very clever and creative. 

2.30pm – Afternoon tea – Brownies & fruit.


5PM – Outside play

5.30pm – 6.30pm – Inside play & pack away until home time.

Thank you for an awesome 2 weeks of vacation care friends. Have a wonderful weekend Miss Jen & Miss Maddy.

Written by Outside School Hours Care