This morning inside we had a lot of construction work , drawing and board games. The children worked together to make lots of different things out of the wooden blocks and the magnetic shapes. Outside we painted our own terracotta pots. while doing this we discussed different ways we could use our pots for those who are not really into plants. We ended up with some really nice bright colored pots . Well done friends.

9am-9.30am: MORNING TEA

Morning tea this morning was fruit bread , bananas and jelly. Some children did not like the jelly as it had some chia seeds mixed in it.

9.30am-10.30am: GROUP TIME

This morning we had a small group time with Miss Cindy to discuss our day and the incursion. We discussed the lock down and how the rest of our week will be a little different to how we planned. We have had to make a couple of cancellations due to the lock down, these being tomorrows excursion to the botanical gardens and Miss Kim’s Tumble Tots sessions. Tumble tots sessions will, all going good with the lock down, resume on Monday. After our discussion we had some quiet inside play time until our inclusion arrived.


Today we had an incursion from the company NATURA EDUCATION with the lovely Aleesha. Aleesha taught the children all about worms and how important it is to compost all our waste. The children had a hands on play with worms and grubs in dirt and also got to plant their own flower seedlings to take home and grow. All the children were so engaged and asked very interesting questions about what they learnt from Aleesha.

11.30am-12pm: INDOOR PUZZLES

After the excitement from our incursion it was time to chill for a bit with some quiet activities so we chose a buddy and a puzzle and relaxed until it was lunch time.

12pm-12.30pm: LUNCH TIME

Today for lunch we had yummy noodles with chicken and meat balls through it as well as salad bar. The educators encouraged the children to all try it and have at least 2 salads with their noodles so their meal was balanced. All the children enjoyed lunch.

12.30pm-1pm: CHILL TIME

During the 1st part of our chill time today Miss Cindy asked the children for relaxation music suggestions. One of the children suggested we listen to Indigenous relaxation music. Miss Cindy thought that was a great idea and the children all found a spot on the mat to lay, relax their bodies and chill for 30 mins. The children were all so relaxed.


The children were given some quiet indoor activities to do for this hour. Some chose to play on their own devices, do puzzles with their friends or construction with the magnetic blocks.


Miss Cindy took the children who were interested in gardening outside to make a succulent garden and then a herb garden. The couple children who were interested had so much fun doing this and showed so much dedication. We discussed how we need to look after our gardens to keep them alive , picked a home in the yard to place the garden pots and planned to make our own plant labels in tomorrows craft session. The children who were not so keen were very interested in making creations out of all the recyclable materials we have been collecting from home over the past term. The children made some great master pieces to take home. Some children found it better to pair up to utilize both their ideas in the one creation.

3pm-3.30pm- AFTERNOON TEA

Today we had Apples, bananas and honey and berry cake.

3.30pm-4.30pm- INDOOR/OUTDOOR

Miss Kate played dance statues with the children. The children had so much fun and all played so fairly. After this they had a dance off just for fun. Some of the children liked doing the worm, very appropriate after learning about worms earlier today. After all the dancing Miss Kate then took the children outside and enjoyed some more group active activities with them. The children played hula hoops to some music and then a game of volleyball. Some children then were keen to just chill on the forte and watch.

4.30-6.30: PLAYGROUND

By 4.30pm today we were down to only 6 children. The children were very enthused to run free in the playground with each other for free time until their parents arrived.

Thanks friends for another great, fun filled day in vacation care.