School Aged Care – Thursday 7th April

Our story today….
To start our morning all of the boys and girls arrived at the school hall to start the day! Once we had arrived at the hall of the boys and girls were sat down and explained what they will be doing for the day. Today we stated our day with a morning talk to get to know all of the children! If they have any siblings? What school they go to? And what grade they are in? this was great way to start the day to build relationships with all of the children. What interests the children? Ryan, Ayden, Reef like playing soccer. Holly, Sienna, Jessica, Charlie, Joseph, showed everyone their dance moves because they really like dancing.

Continuing the day lead to a variety of board games Ryan and Mathew played connect four. Brooklyn, Joseph and Charlie played scrabble then Aydin, Reef, Noah and Isabella played cludeo, well done to everyone who participated in our activities today! To end the day all of the children had free choice activities once we had arrived at centre. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day!

Written by Outside School Hours Care