Our Story….

We had such a fun day in the Babies 2 room today!

It was a day of self select activities off the shelf, with Miss Emma also setting up a baby area in home corner. As the babies finished their morning tea, the got all cleaned up and ready for activities. In home corner, Lexi, Kipree, Harley, Karina, Ivy and Arlo spent lots of time caring for the babies. They loved engaging in dramatic play, using the bowls and spoons to feed the babies their food then pretending to wash the dishes in the sink. When they finished feeding their babies, the lifted them out of the high chairs before giving them lots of cuddles and rocking them to sleep in their arms.

Aaron and Mia enjoyed some time in book corner reading lots of books with Miss Claudia. they loved reading the very hungry caterpillar and there’s a hole in my bucket.

As we were busy playing we heard the rubbish truck arrive, we all ran over to the window and watched as the rubbish truck tipped all of the rubbish into the back of the truck. when the rubbish truck was leaving we all begun waving and yelling “Bye Bye”

After a busy morning of playing we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Emma pack away the room. We were very quick at packing away we enjoyed a group time before lunch arrived. We loved joining Miss Claudia in singing lots of different songs but our favourite songs at the moment are Tiny Turtle and Sleeping bunnies.

When lunch arrived we washed our hands and sat around the table and in the high chairs ready to enjoyed some delicious lasagne before a big sleep.

Thank you Babies 2 for a wonderful Tuesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Emma xx