Our Story…

 We have many great interests today to extend on.

Samuel had an interest in wiggles, Kingston had an interest in music and Etta and Brigitte both had an interest in dancing. Miss Madie and Miss Cindy extended on all these interests and we made our own musical maracas using our recycled bottles, coloured pom poms, coloured buttons and dry pasta. We then turned this activity into a counting activity which was Kai’s interest. As we dropped the buttons, pasta and pom pom’s in the bottles we counted; Kingston, Kai, Ava and Ned were great at counting with Miss Cindy.

Brigitte, Lucas, Samuel, Kingston and Hugo loved using all the instruments on the mat today and using our new kindy made maracas! The instruments we had were: Drums, guitars, Xylophones and maracas! Miss Madie put on the wiggles soundtrack and we all danced, played instruments and had so much fun!

Ned had an interest in Paw Patrol today so Miss Madie cut out a paw print from a new sponge and stuck in on cardboard so we could make our own paw prints. Ned, Gemma, Kingston, Kai and Ava were interested in the paw print painting today and were surprised to see the print when they lifted the cardboard! Ned yelled out “Paw!’.

In home corner, Hugo, Etta and Lucas were exploring with the cups and plates, Hugo placed a cup on each plate, sat a baby on the chair and he sat on the opposite chair and pretended to eat and feed the baby.

Lucas and Etta were using the cupboards and liked transferring bowls, spoons and pretend food from the cupboards to the sink and back.

Samuel and Brigitte joined Mr Nathan in book corner for story time. Brigitte liked choosing the books to read from the shelf for Mr Nathan and sat down with Samuel to listen to the story.

Ava and Gemma had an interest in singing today so Miss Cindy had group time after activity time with all our friends and sang with the new group time resources. Miss Cindy sang:

  • Slippery fish
  • Tiny Tim

Miss Cindy also sang;

  • Five little ducks
  • 5 cheeky monkeys
  • Wheels on the bus
  • If your happy and you know it

Kai requested Row, row, row your boat; Gemma also likes this song. We all sat on the mat and held hands with a partner and rowed our boats.

 Happy Monday!

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Written by toddlers room