Toddlers 2 Daily Blog
Date: 3rd of February 2021
Interests- Balance beams, construction, sand play, beauty corner.
Teacher initiated- This week to extend on self-identity from last month the children are learning about their 5 senses- taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. Today the children picked fresh herbs and flowers from the garden and guessed what the different smells were.
Parent input-
Centre Philosophy- Centre Philosophy- Learning Experiences connect with and extend children’s way of knowing, skill’s and understandings which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting.

Our Story-

This morning Tom, Mathew and Andrew enjoyed sitting outside reading the hungry caterpillar with Miss Pishaya, the boys and Lexie also enjoyed helping Miss Pishaya pick fresh herbs from the garden for our sense of smell activity for the day. Kipree and Isla enjoyed sitting on reading chairs and reading to one another. Jordy, Klaus, Karina and Connor loved playing in the sandpit today and making sand muffins. After our morning outdoors we all sat at the door and took our shoes and hats off and made our way inside for group time with Miss Pishaya, whilst Miss Bianca helped us on the toilet and prepared our yummy morning tea.

We began group time with a good morning song- “Good morning to you” “good morning to you” “good morning everybody good morning to “Lexie” as we went around the room singing one another’s names. We then sang our daily acknowledgement to the Traditional custodians of this land in which we are here today “here is land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I”.

Today for group time Miss Pishaya and Miss Bianca made small bags of different herbs, flowers, and spices from the garden that Tom, Mathew and Andrew also helped collect. The children took it in turns one by one smelling the different herbs, flowers and spices and guessing what was in the bag. Kipree saw the bag with flowers and said “orange flower” Lexie said that the loose tea smelt like “leaves” Andrew and Mathew guessed the bag with mint leaves in it and Mr Hiroshi thought that the lavender was rosemary as the children laughed at him trying to guess the smell. We then spoke about different smells and tastes and allowed the children to taste the mint leaves and explain what it tastes like “yucky” shouted Karina”. We then sang our names, washed our hands, and transitioned for morning, for morning tea today the children loved fresh fruit and oat crumble with jelly.

After morning teatime, it was time for the children to explore the activities and different learning environment’s that Miss Bianca, Mr Hiroshi and Miss Pishaya had set up and the children to self-select for themselves- This included:

– Outdoor play
– Sand play
– Imaginary play with babies
– Home corner
– Sense of smell bags with herbs, flowers and spices.
– Dolls house
– Beauty corner
– Loose parts corner

Today for activity time Lexie, Ray, Jordy, Kipree, Tom, Mathew and Andrew loved using the herbs, spices, and flowers they picked earlier that morning from the garden in the cinnamon playdough. Ray loved adding chives into the dough, Mathew and Andrew loved crushing flowers into the dough, Kipree and Mia enjoyed squishing lavender sticks into playdough balls and Lexie loved using cinnamon and loose tea leaves and mixing it into her playdough pancake. Tom and Justin enjoyed drawing with texters and Justin even grabbed a clapstick and pretended to use it as a ruler for his drawings. Klaus, Connor, Isla, Karina and Yaolin loved playing in the beauty corner and with the doll’s house, using the beauty products and wooden people for imaginary play. We then started singing everyone pack away and began to transition outdoors to play on the balance beams Mr Hiroshi set up for us to explore.

Prior to lunch the children are learning to help pack away the toys and grabbing their hats and shoes for a play outdoors. The Toddler two class are learning all about self-help skills this year and looking after their belongings and personal hygiene. The children are doing a great job!

Today for lunch we loved serving up our own salad and vegetable Koftas. It was then time for us to head to bed and rest our bodies. We provide an opportunity for the children to re energise their little bodies. We need all our energy back to explore our environment for the afternoon. After our rest it was time for our afternoon tea, we had seasonal fruits and cookies. After we finished afternoon tea, we put our plates away, put on our sunscreen, shoes, and hats and made our way outdoors to spend the afternoon with our friends and educators.

Thank you, Toddlers 2 for a wonderful day.

– May all families please bring in a family photo for our family tree, thank you.
– Miss Pishaya, Mr Hiroshi and Miss Bianca xx