Toddlers 2 Daily Blog

Date: 2nd of February 2021

Interests– Dolls house, puppets, art and craft and construction play.

Teacher initiated– This week to extend on self-identity from last month the children are learning about their 5 senses- taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. Today the children explored their touch with sensory foam.

Parent input-

Centre PhilosophyCentre Philosophy- Learning Experiences connect with and extend children’s way of knowing, skill’s and understandings which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting

Our Story-


This morning Mia, Kipree, Karina, Leilani, Tom, Mathew, Andrew and Lexie enjoyed playing on the balance beams and jumping off one by one onto the soft fall. Dillo and Presley love sitting in the outdoor book corner with Miss Bianca reading stories.  Justin and Connor had a great time playing in the sandpit making castles.  After our morning outdoors we all sat at the door and took our shoes and hats off and made our way inside for group time with Miss Pishaya, whilst Miss Bianca helped us on the toilet and prepared our yummy morning tea.


We began group time with a good morning song- “Good morning to you” “good morning to you” “good morning everybody good morning to “Daisy” as we went around the room singing one another’s names. We then sang our daily acknowledgement to the Traditional custodians of this land in which we are here today “here is land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I”.


Today for group time Ray chose a book called “I like to share” the book was all about educating the children on different ways we can share when we are playing and the things we should and shouldn’t do in play scenarios.  Once we finished the story Miss Bianca asked the group what are some different ways we can share? Leilani said “toys, Diollo said “sharing is caring” and Mathew said, “share the slide”. We were all very hungry today, so we then sang our names, washed our hands and transitioned for morning tea. We then sang our names, washed our hands, and transitioned for morning, for morning tea today the children loved fresh fruit and oat slice



After morning teatime, it was time for the children to explore the activities and different learning environment’s that Miss Bianca, Mr Hiroshi and Miss Pishaya had set up and the children to self-select for themselves- This included:


  • Outdoor play
  • Sand play
  • Imaginary play with babies
  • Home corner
  • Sensory foam
  • Dolls house
  • Beauty corner
  • Loose parts corner



Today for activity time Presley loved playing in the beauty corner with Miss Pishaya and Karina.  Presley loved pretending to make Miss Pishaya cups of tea whilst doing her makeup with Karina and applying the wooden lipstick to their lips.  Diollo, Tom and Justin loved making car tracks with Mr Hiroshi and finding small toy cars to test out the tracks they created, Diollo shouted “wee woo” look out.  Celeste had fun exploring the loose parts corner with tweezers and transferring small shells from one bowl to another.  Lexie, Kipree, Mathew, Andrew, Mia and Ray loved sitting at the table playing with Foam for a sensory experience, the children really enjoyed rubbing their hands all through the foam, Lexie loved rubbing it up and down her arms telling her friends the foam was cold and Kipree loved smelling the foam.  Connor and Leilani loved painting with Miss Ana they loved using lots of different colours to create patterns with. We then began to pack away singing ‘ everybody pack away’ to transition for lunch.


Prior to lunch the children are learning to help pack away the toys and grabbing their hats and shoes for a play outdoors. The Toddler two class are learning all about self-help skills this year and looking after their belongings and personal hygiene.  The children are doing a great job!


Today for lunch we loved serving up our own salad and pizza.  It was then time for us to head to bed and rest our bodies. We provide an opportunity for the children to re energise their little bodies. We need all our energy back to explore our environment for the afternoon. After our rest it was time for our afternoon tea, we had seasonal fruits and cheese. After we finished afternoon tea, we put our plates away, put on our sunscreen, shoes, and hats and made our way outdoors to spend the afternoon with our friends and educators.


Thank you, Toddlers 2 for a wonderful day.


  • May all families please bring in a family photo for our family tree, thank you.
  • Miss Pishaya, Mr Hiroshi and Miss Bianca xx