Jingeri Toddler 2 Families.

It was a chilly morning today, but it was lovely to see all our friends arriving were wearing warm jumpers and shoes to keep them warm. We enjoyed playing in the senior kindy room until it was warm enough to go outside and explore. We had fun with the train set. Alexis and Kipree enjoyed stories in the cosy book corner and some friends who were at kindy early enjoyed having their breakfast together with some senior kindy friends.

We were great at lining up to walk through the centre, and then outside to run and play hide and seek.

Yesterday in the afternoon Cooper had found a green tree frog so we were on the hunt to locate him again. We looked in the same spots but wasn’t able to find him as he is a very clever at hiding in the green leaves.

But in our searching, we found a giant tree grasshopper. We laughed and squealed as Miss Alison and Miss Pishaya scrambled to catch him as he was jumping all over the place. but they did and put it in a glass jar so we could all take a closer look at him. Copper and Lexie looked at him very closely. Justin and Tom also were brave enough. He was still jumping about a lot but inside the jar. We got out our magnifying glasses and had a real close look. Connor noted that he looked like a stick. Justin said he has a big stripe on his back. We listened to Miss Alison telling us that some insects and animals look like their environment so they can hide. We questioned who the grasshopper was hiding from, and Leilani said the birds.

Bugs and insects have an ongoing interest and learning topic for our friends over the last few weeks, it was a lovely way to learn some more. The best part was letting it free again and watching him happily hop away and hide in the bushes.

We had lots of songs together this morning with Miss Mariana, and then a story about a dog from Kipree home. It was about a super dog helping lots of different animals with underpants, very funny but also a great toilet training book.

Kipree brought in some show and share from home. They were bubble things called pop its, a sensory toy and she happily spoke to the group telling them all about how one was rainbow the other one blue and that its fun to press them. She let all her friends have a turn and everyone thought that they were fun and great. We popped the bubbles and also encouraged them to count while they popped. 4.4 Children resource their own learning through connecting with people, place, technologies, and natural and processed materials.

We enjoyed old Mcdonalds farm, wiggly worm song, bingo and the pets song that Miss Pishaya made up for the children , we love their cat noises, dog barks and fish faces.

After morning tea Leilani, Presley, Justin and cooper had gymnastics and the rest of the group played some hopscotch and also a game of hide and seek up and down the fort. Leo enjoyed catching his friends.

We had some fun in the sandpit with a café restraint and everyone was either busy in the kitchen preparing sand food or they were sitting at the table pretend to be customers.  Sonny ordered pasta with cheese and Presley ordered toast. Isabella ordered chocolate cake but then joined the kitchen to make it herself, service must have been slow, he he.

We all had yummy pizza for lunch but halfway thru there was a lockdown drill and our friends were truly amazing at listening and following directions of their educators and all being quiet. We thought they did AMAZING. Then it was back to eating more pasta and then time for a snooze or quiet activities to recharge those batteries.

We all kept warm this afternoon and enjoyed dancing to some songs on you tube with some dancing rainbow ribbons we borrowed from pre kindy. We enjoyed the song uptown funk and also the new pink song cover me in sunshine.


Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Toddlers. Love from Miss Alison, Miss Pishaya & Miss Marianna