Jingeri Toddler 2 Families,

We enjoyed running around in the yard trying to warm up this morning. It was nice being out in the yard and we enjoyed some races with Miss Alison. Mr Oscar set up a lovely obstacle course and Blair, Saylor and Chloe were the first ready to have a turn.Arlo, Koa, and Luella all lined up on the fence ready and ran to the other side tapping the fence then sprinted back to the other side. Mielle & Blake were very busy with the in the sandpit Blake was giving plates with sand on and Mielle was pretend eating the yummy choc cake she made. 

We had a yummy morning tea of yogurt and fruit and granola and berries and started activity time with a group time. Miss Pishaya read us a book called the don’t wake the baby – we all had our great sitting and listening and practised sitting with a strong back and crossed legs. and just as we were finishing Ivy from Toddlers one was dropped off and we crowed and surrounded her little baby brother. They all thought he was super cute, and they enjoyed watching him move and kick about in his capsule.

They were lucky to get a smile from him- after we waved goodbye, we all started taking about babies. Chloe said I have a baby Zoe. We wanted to play with our baby dolls, so we went over to the home corner area and feed our dolls some bottles also taking their temperatures and checking their breathing.

We all talked about our sunflowers and decided to go for a walk to water the ones in the front yard. Then we enjoyed watering so much we headed up to the big garden today to see our plants. We were happy to find that the cauliflower and Kale was just harvested and will be in our pizza sauce today.

We watered all our plants and enjoyed having time to look around. Our carrots are nearly ready, and we had a quick snack of some beans while we were up there. We saw some white moths on the plants, and we waved them away – Hilary said the cheeky bugs like to eat our lettuce at night-time

When we got back from the garden, we went on a bug hunt. we had to use tweezers to pick them up they were hidden all over our yard. We then came to the mat to have some help to count how many we had collected.

We had some songs with Miss Alison and said our acknowledgement to country. Since we have been interested in bugs, she taught us the wiggly worm song

Today for lunch we had pizza bread and salad bar with Peas, cheese, pineapple, and Avocardo. We talked about the yummy healthy food that will make our bodies grow so strong, and how important it is to sit at a table to eat. Today we enjoyed some chilled music before we nodded off for a little sleep to rest our bodies, we talked about our yummy bean snack in the garden and how it was so fresh straight from our garden

Alison and miss Pishaya had a little concert outside on the bench, we encouraged our friends to get up and sing a song to us all. Then we sang the cheeky monkey’s song the sleeping bunny’s song we enjoyed a lovely Tuesday we hoped you did too.