Jingeri Toddler 2 Families,

Was a beautiful morning inside early on. Our friends were so busy in-home corner and playing with the baby dolls,

Miss Pishaya was doing some exercises and stretches and encouraging our friends to warm up their bodies ready for play.

Then we got outside we went outside we enjoyed running and drawing with the white boards and having turns on the little green Bikes, we continued our investigations into shapes today we lots of activities (IT) Saylor had her new monkey that was part of out play we had him up in the tree and sang the cheeky monkey song and got all snapped up by the crocodile. The tree was very popular with everyone wanting a turn to climb it safety the lower limbs, with the help of their Miss Alison.

We had a lovely group time outside the children all lined up on the seat and we did some counting and then we sang some songs. Miss Alison was the crocodile and had a turn and caught all the cheeky crocodiles one by one while we sang the song. They all did a great job of being involved answering to their name and singing along. When she finished there was 10 cheeky monkeys today, Blake yelled again, and Saylor and Koa agreed so we did it all again. Today we tried something different and Mielle was asked if she liked to read a story to the group. He helped to turn the pages and pointed out and said the words that she knew.

We all then listened so well to a story about the big bad wolf who had a cold and was taught by his friends the 3 piggies to use a tissue, wear warm clothes, to get lots of sleep and wash his hands then he was feeling better, Chloe demonstrated for the group how to cough into your arm ,and we all watched Luella Blow her nose from  getting a tissue putting it in the bin then washing her hands we all clapped for our wonderful demonstrators .

We all took a big breath and stretched, and we said our daily affirmations for this month I am kind, I am Safe I am Loved kids learn to read!

During activity time today Blake Mielle and Tom and Blair all went straight to the art table. They helped miss Pishaya sort out the shapes for our gluing activity. Everyone had a turn and then enjoyed using sticky glue and looking at shapes and sticking them.

Learning through play is always the best way!

Arlo and Saylor went for the shape puzzles and helped each other (CI)

Then it was dancing and movement time before lunch! We had the dancing ribbons and enjoyed rocking us to baby shark the wiggles and a new song about shapes which we all loved (IT)

Samara and Luella were spinning in circles and waving their arms around together mimicking each other’s movements.

We are so good at our directional dancing up, downside to side roll it up and shake it all about. The followed Miss PIsahya they all looked like a bunch of rainbow cheer leaders,

After yummy pizza and salad bar, and a brief sleep Pause we were up.we said our affirmations, I am calm. I am peaceful, I am happy then listened to a guided mediation and went for a snooze. Wow those batteries were recharged and we were ready for outdoor play!