Our Story Today

We had a wet morning inside today! Lots of our friends arrived at kind a little bit later today so we enjoyed a little play in the junior kindy room before coming into our room for morning tea. We all washed our hands, found a spot on the table and waited patiently until miss mona had finished preparing morning tea. We all used our lovely manners to say please and thank you

We had another beautiful activity time today! On the mat we had set up a few different sets of train tracks for Axls interest. Mia, Kayla, Mina, Axl, Dylan and Asha sat down together and drove the cars and trains over the tracks together. At the table we had some pink playdough. Asha, Una, Mina, Mia and Eito had loads of fun at this table today.  Olivier and Dylan had so much fun driving the cars and trucks around the room too. Axl lined up all the cars one by one along the mat and Olivier helped him.

After having a long play, we packed away and sat down on the mat for a group time with our new flash cards. We did an amazing job at starting to recognise our colours. When Miss Mona held up the blue flash card and asked our friends who has a blue shirt on, Mina said Dylan does! When Miss Mona held up the purple flashcard and asked who was wearing the colour purple, Mia pointed to Mona’s shirt and Olivier’s hat. After this we had a big disco with lots of lights and dancing!

We all woke up from our sleep happy and had a lovely afternoon. Thank you for a beautiful day toddies 2

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Written by seniorkindy room