It was raining when we arrived to the center this morning so we started our morning off inside. We played with a mix of classes in the Pre-Kindy room before moving our Toddler friends into our room. Some of our friends find it a little bit hard separating from their families when we are inside of the mornings as it’s a big change in their routine. We had a drawing table out which helped some of our friends relax at drop off. We used the texta’s today at the drawing table and Miss Lauren sat with us and helped us make sure we remembered to put the lids back on. Felix and Alex asked Miss Mona to draw some cars and then they enjoyed colouring them in together. Saskia liked using the pink, purple and red texta’s and told Miss Lauren she was drawing a picture for her Mum and Sage her brother.

At 8:45 we checked outside to see what the weather was looking like and it had stopped raining! Miss Mona set up the yard with an obstacle course, cars, trucks, a quiet book area, a quiet puzzle/abacus bead area and the drawing easel. We all enjoyed a run around in the fresh air after being inside for most of the morning. Saskia and Willa collected some books and bought them over to Miss Mona to read. As she started to read her friends Alex R, Felix and Cairo came over to listen too. While we were busy playing Miss Lauren was setting up morning tea inside for us. We came inside one by one as our names were called and we washed our hands, found our drink bottles and sat down for some healthy fruit and sultanas.

Once we had finished morning tea we started out nappy change/ toileting time and activity time. Most of our friends are now happily sitting on the toilet! We all get very excited to do this and are all very proud of ourselves.

Miss Lauren heard Felix singing “Baby shark” and asked him if he would like her to put it on the CD player. He was very happy for her do to this and his friend Jack who was listening starting jumping up and down. Miss Lauren put some music on and our friends Saskia, Jack, Felix, Alex R, Willa, Emmy and Cairo started dancing around on the mat together. Saskia said “Mona watch me!” and bent down to do a handstand trick. Willa and Cairo watched her and then copied her by saying “Mona watch me too”. Soon the girls were laughing together and doing funny tricks along to the music.

Our new doll house area was a very exciting place today. Our friends were very intrigued by the fairy lights and green leaves. Cairo, Ethan, Felix, Joe, Willa, Saskia and Emmy spent lots of their time here. Willa and Emmy sat with each other and used the wooden furniture to set up a room and then placed the dolls on top of the furniture.

Since we moved our book shelve to a different spot it has become a very busy little space. Emmy, Alex K, Leo, Willa, Jack, Saskia and Alex R did some beautiful quiet reading on the pillow here today.

Emmy, Jack, Leo, Alex R, Ethan and Cairo were busy role playing in home corner today. Jack and Leo playing together, but silently, cooking and making food for one another to eat. Emmy and Cairo took some babies and covered them with blankets and patted them to sleep on the mat.

Jack, Emmy, Leo, Ethan, Saskia, Alex K, Felix and Joe took some quiet time out at the puzzle table today. Emmy enjoyed helping her friends complete some puzzles that they were having difficulty with.

The new car mat was such a popular area today. Alex R, Alex K, Joe, Ethan and Leo laid down next to one another and drove the little wooden cars and trucks. Emmy, Felix and Jack enjoyed driving the garbage trucks and fire trucks over the mat but also over the shelves and the wooden blocks.

Jack, Emmy, Ethan, Felix, Leo and Willa sat down near the tree part basket and started to build with the blocks. Mona sat down here with them and demonstrated how to made a tall tower with the long skinny tree blocks. She then watched as they copied her.

We packed away just after 11 and sat down on the mat for a group time with Miss Mona. We read some new books today called

  • Peek-a-boo
  • Llama Llama red Pajama
  • 10 black dots

The 10 black dots was the perfect book for us to read today as many of our friends how been counting during their free play time. We all listened and counted along with Miss Mona. Each page had different ways of counting the black dots and started from 1 and went up to 10. Even our friends who didn’t want to verbally count along used their fingers to point to the dots.

After this we sang out transitioning to the bathroom song to wash our hands and get ready for lunch. We all slept well and had a lovely afternoon outside with Mona and Lauren as our educators in the yard.

Written by elctoddlers2