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Miss Mona arrived at the center today at around 8 o’clock to see lots of happy faces! Ethan, Willa, Leo, Felix, Alex K and Emmy enjoyed exploring in the bushes and trees behind the mushroom house today. Willa was very excited as she approached Miss Mona and said “Look Mona a Cockatoo!!!” She took Miss Mona’s hand and went over to the fence to show her. Mona asked Willa how many she could see and Willa said “Two! And there are more in the trees”. Soon our other friends joined us at the fence to watch the birds. While over here Leo found a big spider. Ethan was very excited and was busy making sure no one would touch the spider. Cairo and Joe played nicely in the sandpit together.

We lined up to come inside at 9 oclock today. We washed our hands and sat up at the tables with our drinks for some yummy morning tea. We all enjoyed sitting here talking to our friends as we ate. Felix was happy to tell some of his friends about his holiday to Sydney. After morning tea we headed off into different play spaces for activity time. Saskia and Alex R arrived around this time.

On the mat we had our car mat, musical area with pillows and an animal habitat. Here is who played in these area today

Car mat – Alex R, Alex K, Felix, Joe, Ethan and Cairo chose to spend some of their time here today. Alex R and Alex K did some beautiful sharing with their favourite Thomas the train and Felix loved pretending to fly the planes over the road.

Musical area – Ethan, Joe, Emmy, Willa, Cairo, Saskia, Alex R and Joe liked sitting on the pillows in the musical area and shaking the shakers along to the Christmas music that Miss Chloe put on. Joe loved the xylophone today!

Animal Habitat – Leo, Ethan, Willa, Saskia, Cairo and Felix all spent some time here today with the animals and wooden tree parts. Willa liked building a tall tower with the wooden tree parts while Leo and Ethan were very interested in the animals. Felix bought a leopard shark and asked Miss Mona what is was. She told him and then he took it too Miss Chloe and said “Look a leopard shark!”.

At the table we had some Christmas artwork today! We all took at photo of our faces and then painted some Santa hats to put on top. We used red pain, PVA glue and cotton balls. Willa and Cairo were very excited and spoke to each other about Santa and Christmas while they painted their hats.

Ethan, Alex K, Joe, Emmy, Willa, Cairo, Alex R, Saskia and Leo were doing some role playing in the home corner area today. Joe, Ethan and Alex K shared the sushi sets while Willa, Cairo, Emmy and Saskia filled the food baskets up with the food and cooking tools. Alex R typed away on the computer and liked looking at himself in the mirror.


Written by elctoddlers2