Jingeri Toddler 2 Families, we had a lovely morning exploring the senior kindy room. Charlie, Alexis and Olympia enjoyed making some pizzas with Miss Alison. They had fun putting the pizzas in little pizza boxes and delivering them to their friends who pretended to gobble them up. When it was warmer we ventured into the front yard when it warmed up and had some fun digging, playing chasing games and enjoying some stories on the mat.

We had lots of songs together on the mat this morning with Miss Pishaya. Our friend Lexi brought in a magazine she got from Coles supermarket that was all about animals and the animal welfare league. We had a group discussion and enjoyed reading this magazine looking at some of the dogs and cats. It started a big discussion and we loved hearing about the cats and dogs some of our friends have as pets. The children loved hearing Mr Hiroshi talk about his dog and seeing a picture which we put up on our wall to start a furry friends collection Daisy said I have a dog Arlo and Charlie said Woof woof. Summer had dressed herself this morning and was wearing some carrot ears! they looked great and we had some dress ups to inspire

Role play fun was in full action today in the baby nursery that we had Kipree, Karina, Sahira, Lani all working together to get all the babies fed and burped, and bathed and ready for bed. Kipree was making some little baby noises and enteraining the group, then Lani pretended her baby was snoring in bed.

It was lovely watching them rocking and patting and playing showing how caring they are.

Playing with Dolls Develops Care-taking and Nurturing Skills. Play is the way children begin to understand and make sense of their world. Playing with baby dolls allows them to model what they’ve seen or re-enact what’s been done to them or a sibling. By swaddling and rocking their baby doll, or changing and feeding,and its so fun be social together.

Olympia, Daisy and Isla were busy with the wobbly boards. They used them like surf boards they were having a lot of fun together in their small group play. encouaging each other to have fun.

Tom used a duplo plane as inspiration and started to make his own plane using the duplo blocks. Mr Hiroshi asked him what are you making with the blocks he said another aeroplane. Sahira was also busy with the blocks and she was having a great time knocking over some building once she made them saying wheeeeeeee !

Olympia, Daisy, Summer and Isabella all enjoyed telling us their adventures on the weekend going to the beach, playing at the park with mum and Having fish and chips at the beach. They all used great conversational language and were noticeably confident in front of the group.

Connor, Charlie, and Cooper were playing a tag game of dinosaurs and enjoyed running around hiding and chasing each other. Then they were being racing . we had some fine motor skills with numbers and some little bugs that we had to arrange. It was very complex to do but they all tried and persisted with the fun activity .

Our friends Connor Sahira Lexi and Olympia went off to tumble tots and enjoyed stretching and jumping around especially in the foam pit. They were all trying extremely hard to listen they are learning some great skills on their little trips to the big gym.

Miss Kim from Tumble tots said to check out the tumble tots Facebook page where she will upload some pictures of our gymnasts in action over the week.

We started our new winter menu today and we were a little unsure of the savory muffins this morning but they all enjoyed the vegie curry and rice at lunchtime. Pineapple was the favorite from the salad bar.


Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Toddlers we can wait to see some pictures of your pets come in.