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Toddlers 2 Daily Blog- Monday the 12th of April 2021.

Interests– Today the children loved outdoor play, magnetic fishing rods, playdough, babies corner and the three little pigs.

Teacher initiated– This week/ month we are focusing on sensory play, babies and baby animals, and our favourite book the three little pigs.

Parent input- Weekend sheets

Centre PhilosophyCentre Philosophy- Learning Experiences connect with and extend children’s way of knowing, skills and understandings which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting.

Our Story-

The Toddlers 2 children began their morning in the front yard with Toddlers 1 listening to the calm kids’ soundtrack and waving hello to all the families as they arrived.  Lexie, Kipree and Tom loved riding the bikes around the yard chasing one another.  Isla and Karina loved playing in the sandpit with soup ladles and filling them with sand and pouting it our into little bowls.   We then transitioned into the back yard and welcomed the rest of the Toddlers 2 class.  Connor, Matthew and Andrew loved playing on the big red slide and taking it in turns going down “weee” said Connor with a huge grin on his face.  Summer, Mia, Leilani and Bella enjoyed sitting in the book corner reading picture books and playing in the sandpit mud kitchen together making delicious sand cakes.  After our morning outdoors we all sat at the door and took our shoes and hats off and made our way inside for group time with Miss Pishaya, whilst Miss Bianca helped us on the toilet and prepared our yummy morning tea.


We began group time with our good morning song- “Good morning to you” “good morning to you” “good morning everybody, good morning to “Mia” as we went around the room singing one another’s names. We then sang our daily acknowledgement to the Traditional custodians of this land in which we are here today “here is land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I”.


This morning for group time Miss Pishaya asked the children what they would like to read today- Matthew and Andrew asked for the three little pigs. The children have been loving this book and get so excited when we make a big loud knock on the door when we pretend to be the big bad wolf in the story. The children sit with excitement and have even began saying “I’ll huff and I’ll puff”.  Once we finished the book Lexie had show and tell today and stood up in front of the class and showed off her little baby koala toys “Daddy bring from home” she said proudly with a huge grin on her face.  Once Lexie finished her show and tell we went over the days of the week and the weather chart and spoke about what we got up to over the weekend. We then sang BB bumble bee to transition and wash our hands and prepare for morning tea, for morning tea today the children loved fresh fruit and porridge.

After morning teatime, it was time for the children to explore the activities and different learning environment’s that Miss Bianca, Mr Hiroshi and Miss Pishaya had set up and the children to self-select for themselves- This included:

  • Outdoor play
  • Calm kids’ soundtrack
  • Mud kitchen in the sandpit
  • Imaginary play in the baby’s corner and home corner.
  • Sensory playdough
  • Weather chart
  • Magnetic fishing board
  • Building with Velcro blocks
  • Outdoor book corner

Today for activity time to follow and extend on the children’s current interest’s Miss Pishaya and Mr Hiroshi created a playdough table and a babies corner for the children to explore and a magnetic game of fishing and counting.  Lexie, Kipree, Mia and Summer ran straight over to the playdough table! “I want yellow playdough” said Summer, “I want blue” said Kipree, “I want pink” said Lexie and “I want pink too” said Mia.  The children quickly sat down reaching for the colours they all wanted.  Karina then joined the girls bringing over a large basket of playdough utensils with her to share with everyone.  Summer and Kipree grabbed the star shaped cutter and a rolling pin and rolled their playdough out nice and flat and began creating stars.  Lexie grabbed a heart shaped playdough cutter and some blue playdough and began mixing the colours together “wow look” she said pointing at her dough.  Mia and Karina found little cups and loved shoving the dough into the cups with their fingers squishing it down.


Isla, Connor and Leilani loved sitting at the table playing with the magnetic fishing game.  Leilani loved hovering the magnetic rod over the little fish and trying to catch them to place them into the container. Conner enjoyed imaginary play with the little fish and the fishing rod and Isla loved placing the fish into little jars and cups.


Tom, Matthew and Andrew loved sitting on the mat playing with new Velcro blocks and sticking the blocks together trying to build houses and tall towers.  “what you making” asked Tom pulling on Matty’s shirt “I make my house” said Matty giggling and showing of his building skills to Tom.


Kipree and Bella loved sitting on the mat with Miss Bianca and and reading picture books “can you read three little pigs pwease” asked Kipree.  “Of course” said Miss Bianca, once the children heard Miss Bianca was reading the three little pigs the children stopped what they were doing and ran over to hear their favourite story again.


We then transitioned indoors one by one to prepare for our delicious lunch. Prior to lunch the children are learning to help pack away the toys and grabbing their hats and shoes for a play outdoors. The Toddler two class are learning all about self-help skills this year and looking after their belongings and personal hygiene.  The children are doing a great job.

Today for lunch we loved serving up our own salad and vegetable loaf and roast vegetables.  It was then time for us to head to bed and rest our bodies. We provide an opportunity for the children to re energise their little bodies. We need all our energy back to explore our environment for the afternoon. After our rest it was time for our afternoon tea, we had seasonal fruits and sweet potato muffins. After we finished afternoon tea, we put our plates away, put on our sunscreen, shoes, and hats and made our way outdoors to spend the afternoon with our friends and educators.

Thank you, Toddlers 2 for a fun filled day.

  • May all families please bring 1 fitted sheet and 1 blanket for the children at rest times and jumpers for the children.

Love Miss Pishaya, Mr Hiroshi and Miss Bianca xx