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Monday 5th July 2021

 Interests- Animals, Construction with Duplo, Cutting with wooden knife

Teacher Initiated – NAIDOC week celebration

 Centre PhilosophyLearning experiences connect with and extend children’s way of knowing, skills and understanding, which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting

Our story-


What a beautiful weather today. It was lovely sunshine in the yard. Koa was so excited about the basketball that he brought from home. He took it outside to play with Tom. They both took turn to kick and catch the ball. Then they decided to practiced with their kicking and tried to do as strong as they could by themselves.


Sahira, Blake and Chloe were busy on their climbing and sliding down through the big slide. Then they all wanted to continue with their fun physical play by challenging them selves on the tricky obstacle course that Miss Dana set it up for us their morning.


Everyone was so excited about all bubbles that Miss Dana did in the yard. They all ran around and tried to catch and pop them. They were lots of giggles and laugh they saw the bubble land on their friends head.


At the table Chloe and Koa and Tom were building the tall tower with the colourful Duplo.


At group time today after singing Jingeri song Miss Pishaya talked with children about the NAIDOC week and how we going the celebrate the Aboriginal culture through this week. We talked about Uncle Alan and the cool thunder sound that make from the didgeridoo.  At the end Tom asked if we could read the little red riding hood so sat down and listened to the fun story together on the mat.


Then it was time for us to have our yummy morning tea but we never forget to practice how to wash our hands properly with actions through the washing hand song before we head to the bathroom to clean our hands.


To extend children learning experience about the Aboriginal culture Miss Pishaya set up the table with coloured rice. Miss Dana dyed the rice in the weekend in the coloured of the Aboriginal flag. She also arranged them on the tray beautifully with some dried pine nuts seedpod.  It looked like the Aboriginal flag. Miss Pishaya explained the meaning of each colours on the flag then children had a fun sensory play with rice and dried pine nut.  We also enjoyed using small spoon for scooping rice into their plate.


At activity time Chloe, Blake, Sahira ands Roy were so concentrate with the cutting. They held the wooden fruits and tried to cutting it with the wooden knife then they mixed all together on the plate and asked Miss Pishaya and Miss Harmony to taste their delicious food that they made.


Before lunchtime children sitting down on the mat while Miss Natalie read a dreamtime story “ How the kangaroo got their tails.  Then we hopped around the yard like a kangaroo and head to the bathroom the wash our hands before we eat our yummy lunch.


At the baby bed Blake and Roy were busy wrapping their baby dolls with the blanket before they gently put them into the bed and pad them to sleep. Sahira went to grab the milk bottle and feed her baby doll.



Our lovely meals today

Morning Tea:  Coconut yogurt, homemade berries sauce, banana and crunchy pumpkin seed

Lunch: healthy sausages rolls and mixed salad

Afternoon Tea:  rice cracker, watermelon, banana and sultanas



*Please bring the family photo for our Toddlers 2 family board

* This week and next week we won’t have Gymnastic class with Miss Kim


Thank you Toddlers 2 for an  lovely Monday. Have a good rest and enjoy dinner with your family tonight. We will see you all again tomorrow.


Miss Jess and Miss Pishaya