Jingeri Toddler 2 Families,

It was a chilly morning, so we started off inside with Miss Alison reading stories in the book corner. Koa had brought in a book with him today to share. It was old McDonald’s farm we enjoyed warming up in the cosy corner. We laughed at the funny noises. Today we came inside early and enjoyed our morning tea of Coconut yogurt, berry sauce, banana and granola and ate it all up we were very hungry. Then we got ready for our show. It was the good manners show, we loved the sorry song and learnt how to be a nice friend. We all clapped along to the song Happy moved and grooved. Roy, Sahira, Chloe and Blake were jumping around dancing and following the clapping.

We met the characters Rude Ruby, Polite poppy and listened to the puppet show.

We loved learning about the magic words in the show today Please thank you, your welcome excuse me I am sorry.

After the show we came back into our class and being such a small group today we had lots of time for one-on-one interactions with our teachers. We had some learning games, with shapes, puzzles and counting. It was fun extending on our knowledge.

We did some counting caterpillars and we all enjoyed listening to how far they could count to. then we extended on it together.

Outside we played with the cars and had turns on the obstacle course.

We had some small worlds play out to explore and play a car wash and a castle and little people. Miss Pishaya modelling the people talking and using manners with each other. Oh, hello it was so nice of you to come and play, oh thank you for inviting me etc. it was nice when they took over and they were using the magic words themselves. Roy knocked over a wooden figure and then said oh I am sorry and picked the wooden man up and told them both way to the car. Blake and Sahira giggled.

We transitioned today with choosing our favourite magic word. Blake said please, Roy said thankyou and Sahira said I am happy which we loved anyway-then washed our hands ready for morning tea and again in the afternoon for afternoon tea.

After yummy lunch of spinach sausage rolls and salad bar, we washed our hands and cleaned our faces and we were not ready yet, so we had a dance party said our affirmations,

I am calm. I am peaceful, I am happy then listened to a guided mediation and had a rest.

We awoke we had afternoon tea, which was pita chips and avocado dip yummy and some fruit too before getting our shoes hat and sunscreen on ourselves.

We then had a story box we all loved the story Roar went the Lion everyone joined in with the story and enjoyed holding an animal that was part of it. Chloe was laughing as she pressed the pig, and it made a noise.