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Good Morning friends! We had another fun morning out in the yards today!

We headed inside for our group time at 9:15 today and found a spot on the mat. Together we all sang our Good Morning song, first in the Yngambeh language followed by English. We then went through our Days of the Week and Weather charts before doing our Show and Tell.

Harper and Ashton had Show and Tell today. Harper asked to go first and confidently stood up to show her friends her small toy pony. She said “This is because it doesn’t have batteries, and he just gallops around and his name is little Horsey Pony” Miss Mona asked if any of her friends have any questions for Harper. Livinia put her hand up and Harper said “yes little what is it?” Livinia asked “Does it have the batteries?” Harper responded “Uh no Vinne its just flat”

Next up was our friend Ashton who had brought in some Show and Tell from the Cook Islands to end our week there. Ashton stood up with his show and tell and explained “It is a fan for flapping and my Mummy made it and its shell… some feathers… and skin. That’s all!” Mason L and George put their hands up and Ashton walked over to them and said “Here you can feel it just be a little bit careful” Holly then said “Did you mum make it?” Ashton replied “Um yeah and it got posted somewhere” Dion then asked “Did you get it from the Cook Islands Ashy?” Ashton said “No my Mummy just made it, friends, guys the shell is like from the Cook Islands and my Mummy found it”

We then read the following books; Maca’s Christmas Crackers, Oi cat, Baby Business, Rudie Nudie Christmas, Around the World we go Dinosaurs go Christmas Shopping, Santa Jaws and Eating the Alphabet. We then enjoyed some morning tea.

After morning tea, we had two groups, one with Miss Ange and one on the mat with Uncle Allen. We rotated these groups so everyone had a turn with each experience.

Sport with Miss Ange; We did our warm up stretches with Miss Ange before doing lots of obstacle course, ball games and group work. To warm down we did some animal stretches.

Group time with Uncle Allen; Uncle Allen was very excited to see our friends and our friends were very happy to see Uncle Allen. Ashton, Charles and Dion said “Jingeri!!!” Uncle Allen had some special books for us to read and then we looked at some native bark. He explained that bark can be used for lots of different things. He then played his didgeridoo and let us put our hands on the top of it so our hands could feel the vibrations.


Water play;

At a table, just outside our doors we had a water play activity with different trays with different objects in them. Some of the trays had animals, some had flowers and leaves and others had measuring cups and bowls. Dilan, Mason B, George and Charlie spent a lot of their time out here, pouring, transferring and playing. Dilan liked using the water to wash the animals. He liked pouring it over the dinosaurs and polar bears. Mason B used the cups and bowls to transfer the water from one to the other. He concentrated hard while doing this. George and Charlie worked as a team to wash the animals and the pour the water into each other’s cups. Marley, Dion, Rocco, Holly and Olivia also spent some time here, enjoying this sensory experience.

 ‘Ocean’ playdough with Ocean Animals;  At the playdough table our friends enjoyed using the blue playdough as an “Ocean” or the “Sea” They used a big bucket of Ocean animals to create play scenarios. Dion, Charles, Holly, Ashton, Livinia, Veronica, Olivia, Marley and Rocco used the Whales, Octopus and Dolphins to ‘talk’ to each other and create conversations. Charlie and Harper were pretending to go to “MacDonald’s” with their animals. Charlie said “I’ll go to MacDonald’s and get a burger for myself.



Connecting blocks

Sebastian, Mason L, Rocco, Charlie, Dilan, Veronica and Charles worked together on the mat with the connecting blocks today. They liked identifying the colours of them as they worked.


Reading area;

Ashton, Dion, Olivia, Holly, Mason L and Veronica did some quiet reading in the back-book corner. Dion read his “Busy Airport” book and Mason L read his Food Alphabet book.


Cars; Mason L, Mason B, Sebastian and Charles enjoyed playing with the cars that they found outside this morning. They drove them around the mat together giggling and laughing.

or our second group time today we read the following books;

Triangle, Circle, Square and I want my hat back. We then had a special message from Santa!

We then transitioned to the bathroom by asking “what do you want to do on the weekend?”

Charles: Daddy, Mummy and Christopher”

Veronica giggled

Ashton: “Just play with my Mummy”

Holly: “Have a sleepover at nana’s”

Mason B: “Yeah!”

Marley: “Play with my Mummy”

Livinia: “Go to the park”

George: “Mummy, Daddy, Teddy and go swimming”

Charlie: “Birdies”

Sebastian: “Go to Daddys and ride my motorbike”

Rocco: “Play with my Mummy”

Mason L: “Dogs!”

Dilan: “Baba!”

Dion: “Play in my pool”

Olivia: “Play with Papi, he is asleep”

Morning Tea: Jelly and Watermelon

Lunch: Beef and Veggie pasta with Salad

Afternoon tea: Choc Chip Cookies and Bananas

Thanks for a great end to the week, have a great weekend friends

Mona, Chloe and Karla xxxx