Toddlers 2 Daily Blog

Friday 18th June 2021

Interests- Animals, Twinkle little star, Puzzles

Teacher Initiated– Small group discussion about family

                     (Using their family photos)

Centre PhilosophyLearning experiences connect with and extend children’s way of knowing, skills and understanding, which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting


Our story-


Happy Friday! Today we had such a small group of children but we all still had a great time playing with friends. This morning Koa, Noah and Blake were busy on their big tower. They tried to stack up the soft block on top of each other gently. Noah was so proud and asked Miss Pishaya to check out his tall tower. Blake tried to build one too. When accidently knocked them down she looked at Miss Pishaya then we both giggled and tried to build it again.


Then Miss Kim came to pick up Noah, Koa and Blake for the Gymnastic. They were so excited to see her and couldn’t wait for all the fun activities that they could do in the Gym specially jumping into the foam pit.


At group time today after Good morning song and greeted each child by name children were listened beautifully to the story that Miss Pishaya crated from the felt story.  It was about a little boy who tries to help the lost star to go back to his home.

At the end we had a lovely chat about the story especially star.

Miss Pishaya: Where could we find the star?

Koa: Up in the sky

Blake: Up there (Then pointed her finger to the sky)

Miss Pishaya: When could we see star? Can we see them now?

Tom looked up and said, “ No…at night”

Noah and Samayradeep were listened to the conversation and smiled. After that they both copies how Tom lay down and pointed to the ceiling.


After that Miss Pishaya told everyone about the fun activities about star that we were going to do today then that we went to the bathroom and washed their hands with soap before we have morning tea.


At activity time today Children helped Mr Hiroshi set up the star hunt tunnel in the class by joining 2 tables together and covered them with curtain to create the dark area for us to crawl into. At first Blake was a bit scared of the dark but when we put a bit of light in she was brave to try and followed Mr Hiroshi and other friends into the tunnel. Everyone were excited to see grow in the dark stars under the table. It looked like stars in the night sky. They kept come back and get more round in the tunnel.


Today were interested in different puzzle that we had in the class. Their favourite is the shapes and animal puzzle. It was tricky a bit but they all kept try and moved the puzzle around till it perfect fit into the right place. This activity is great for their fine motor skills, eyes-hand coordination and problem solving.


In the home corner Blake and Samayradeep had a great time playing together. They sat down next to each other then pretended having food and passed food for each other. Then Blake went to the oven and grabbed a cupcake to serve her friend at the table. After while the other children and Mr Hiroshi came to join in then they all having yummy food together at the table.


Tom went to Aboriginal table and picked up the clapping sticks to show Koa how to make sound and Rhythm from them. Koa observed how he did and tried to copy then they smiled to each other. What a beautiful way to make friends.


Mr Hiroshi and children pretended to be a big train and went around the classroom and visit all area and activities in each corner. That was the perfect way to introduce children to our Toddlers 2 class environment.  Then they end their fun trip at the mat and played Simon says game together.


Before lunchtime today Miss Pishaya had a small group chat with children about family. Noah and Blake were telling everyone about their mum and dad. Koa was telling us that his mum and dad at work and he has brother. Then we talked with children how to stay healthy and strong through the cold weather. We also talked about personal hygiene especially how to cover our mouth with our arm when we cough and sneeze. We also sang washing hands song and practice how to wash our hands properly with soap through the actions in the song. Then we head to the bathroom to wash our hands.


Our lovely meals today

Morning Tea: mango, banana, coconut yogurt

Lunch: Vegan lasagne and mixed salad

Afternoon Tea:  Healthy slices and fresh fruits


Notes:  Please bring the family photo for our Toddlers 2 family board


Thank you Toddlers 2 for an amazing Week. It was so much fun learning with you all. Hope you enjoy your lovely weekend with your family and friends. We will see you all again next week.


Mr Hiroshi and Miss Pishaya