Welcome to Wednesday Toddlers 1.  Such a lovely day friends.  We had a fun start to our day in the playground.  Charlie, Isabella, Samayra, Louella and Arlo were all in the sandpit play area making sandcastles with Miss Emma.  They were doing a great job of filling up their buckets and turning them over with a little assistance from Miss Emma and then they lifted off their bucket to see their sandcastle.  Straight away they all knocked them down.  This is always the most popular part!  Roy was enjoying the fort and slide with Charlie and Chloe.  They were taking turns going up the fort and down the slide and then around to do it again.  Mielle climbed up the fort and was watching what was going on in the rest of the playground for quite a while before sliding down the slide.  Stevie was hiding underneath the fort with Arlo and Isabella and they were chattering away together happily.  Saylor was looking at books with Miss Angela. She liked the Peppa Pig story the best.

When it was time for our group time and morning tea we invited our friends to the door and came in to sit on the mat for group time before washing our hands.  We all did a fantastic job of listening today and joining into our good morning song and acknowledgement of country.  We talked about how some of our friends had been a little sand this morning and that perhaps we could sing our Bee Bee Bumble Bee song to say hello to everyone to cheer them up.  The children were all engaged and when it was time to say their name, and for everyone else to say hello our friends were all happy and went of to wash hands and sit at the table for morning tea.

Activity time this morning was fun.  We sat on the mat with Miss Angela for some puppets and songs.  We sang the Five Little Ducks, 5 Cheeky Monkeys, Old MacDonald and Incy Wincy Spider using our little finger puppets.  The children loved this and they had turns putting the puppets on their fingers.  Such a lovely activity to do that gets everyone interested and joining in.

Isabella went to set up the table with paper and crayons and was joined by Stevie, Louella, Charlie, Chloe and Samayra.   They were all doing very colourful scribbly drawings using their fine motor skills.  Samarya spent time looking at the Madeline story book with Chloe.  Isabella was enjoying role playing with two baby dolls.  She was reading them a story with a doll in each arm and then put them on the mat to pat them to sleep.  Louella and Charlie were cooking together in the kitchen finding all the play food to put in bowls.   Charlie went over to the train and tracks basket and got it out of the shelf to set up the tracks.  Chloe and Isabella came to help him and soon they had a long track to set the trains on.    Arlo was having some quiet time in the tepee with books for a while before joining the train track construction.  Stevie went to do kitchen play and placed a baby doll in the highchair to feed.  We sang our packing away song and our friends did a great job of packing up the trains and tracks and the wooden blocks before we sat on the mat for a song while Miss Angela applied our sunscreen.

We got our hats on and went outside for a play before lunchtime.  The fort was the go to place once again and we had all our friends taking turns together.  Charlie started running races with Isabella and they were joined by Arlo and Stevie.

Lunch was ready and we washed our hands and sat down to enjoy our koftes, salad and flat bread with Tzatiki dip.  It was very yummy!

Everyone was ready for a sleep now and Miss Angela put on our beautiful sleep music and we turned out the lights ready to settle down.

Our friends all slept well today and were full of energy again and ready to go when it was time for afternoon tea and then outdoor activities.

Such a fun day thanks friends.


Miss Angela and Miss Emma xx