We welcomed our new friend Luella to our room today.  Welcome Luella!  You’re going to have such fun in Todders 1.  We started our morning in the front yard with lots of sand play and soft block construction in the sandpit.  Then we lined up at the gate to walk around to our playground.  Luella and Mielle were enjoying block construction at the table.   They were building the blocks higher and higher until they fell down.  Cooper decided to get out the stickle bricks and he was doing a great job of putting them together.  Sand play and sand cooking was very popular with our friends today.  Luella was busy filling her bowl and giving it a big stir before tipping the sand in the cupcake tins.  Blake, Saylor, Noah and Arlo came to join in and it was lovely to see the happy group interacting together.  Mielle found the abacus beads set up on the table and she was moving the beads all around and looking at the different colours.  She was very focused as she carefully moved the beads along.    There were three different abacus bead sets on the table and she did them all.  Noah was very active on our obstacle course.  He was crossing the balance beam and climbing over the frame at the end so well with great gross motor skills, confidence and balance.    Isabella was following Noah on the balance beam before moving on to do some block construction.  She was matching colours to build her tower and was laughing as it eventually fell down.

Everyone listened beautifully as we explained that we were going to come inside for group time.  Our friends came in the door and out their hats away and sat on the mat.  After our good morning song, acknowledgement of country and Bee Bee Bumble Bee transition song to wash hands we sat down for morning.  Our cake and fruit was yummy and we had a big drink of water before moving on to activity time.  We spent some creative time creating secret Valentines Day things and had self select activities.  Our kitchen area was so popular today.  Arlo, Noah, Mielle, Cooper, Saylor, Luella and Blake all spent time here.  Cooper was putting plates in the microwave to cook his meal.   Mielle was carefully selecting play foods to put in her bowl to mix.   Saylor was cooking cakes in the oven and then talking on the phone to her Mummy.  Miss Dana asked who was on the phone and she said “Its Mummy”.  Isabella and Blake were having a wonderful time together with baby role play. They were feeding their babies with spoons and then patting them and rocking them to sleep.  This is such an interest with our Toddlers that we are going to extend on this with activities next week.   Luella was busy constructing with the wooden blocks and lining them up on the mat.  After everyone helped pack away it was dancing and bubbles time!  Our friends were so excited to jump around and reach the bubbles.  We were then singing some songs and we sang Ring a Ring a Rosie holding each others hands beautifully and laughing as we all fell down.  So beautiful to see our whole group of friends joining in this together.  We did it over and over as Blake, Cooper, Saylor and Luella were sing “Again, again”.

It was time for lunch and we went to wash hands and sat at the table to enjoy our pasta and salad bar.  Everyone ate so well.

We settled on our beds listening to our relaxing sleepy time music and drifted off to sleep to re energise our bodies for the afternoon.

Our afternoon play was out the front today and the big sandpit was a super popular play space along with the bikes for lots of exploring.

Such a lovely Tuesday friends.  See you tomorrow.


Miss Angela, Miss Dana, Miss Emma xx

Just a little reminder – can you please ensure your child has a named water bottle, spare clothes and sheets/blanket each day.    Could you also please bring in a family photo for our family tree.  We will be handing out an “All About Me” form for you to please fill in for your child.  This is for our cultural All About Me Wall.  Thank you.

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