What a beautiful Tuesday morning to come to kindy!  It was so much fun out in our yard this morning.  Saylor, Blake and Arlo were so excited to go climb up the fort and slide down the slide.  They were following each other and doing it again and again.  Chloe was sitting with Miss Angela looking at some connectable blocks that when you put them together they spin.  She was quite fascinated by these.  Blake moved on to the sandpit and was excited to find Lexi and Kipree from TD2 playing there with some baby dolls.  She looked at Miss Angela happily and pointed to them and ran to join in.  We had a lovely sing a long with Miss Dana singing some favourite songs.  The Wheels on the Bus and of course Baby Shark.  Miss Maddie put the Baby shark song on and everyone was so excited to dance!

We were having so much fun the time just went by and it was already time for morning tea.  We came inside and washed our hands before sitting at the table to enjoy our cake, strawberries and banana.   Isabella arrived just after our morning tea and was very curious to see what Miss Dana was painting on the window.  Beautiful flowers!

Miss Emma invited our friends over to the mat for a little group time with stories.  Everyone sat very captivated as she read some books.  Arlo chose a couple of the stories for us.  We set up some sorting games for the children.  Blake was straight over to the pom ones.  Miss Angela helped her sort the right colour pom pom into the right colour pot.  After we’d done this a couple of times Blake was more interested in tipping them all out to play with them on the floor.  Arlo and Saylor came over to investigate and Saylor started packing them away.    Isabella, Arlo and Saylor also enjoyed some cooking together in our little kitchen.

It was time for another outdoor play before lunch so we collected our hats and put on our sunscreen ready for fun.  We had some running races and Arlo laughed as he ran so fast that his hat flew off.  Blake’s did next and she was giggling so much.  Isabella and Saylor ran off to the fort and were having a great time together taking turns to climb up and slide down.

Our little friends are really enjoying joining with TD2 in our playground.  So good for our social development and conversations.  We have noticed that some of our friends conversational skills and words have grown over the holidays and we have enjoyed some lovely chats.

Lunchtime arrived and we washed hands and enjoyed our lasagne and salad bar.  We are enjoying our self serving our lunches with the tongs.  We’re assisting the children when needed but this definitely helps develops their independence and self help skills. .

Everyone was ready for a lovely rest after our busy morning and we settled down on our beds for sleep

We started our afternoon with group time together on the mat for some more songs before enjoying our afternoon tea and getting ready for more outdoor play.

Such a fun day!

Miss Dana, Miss Angela and Miss Emma xx