Happy Tuesday friends and welcome to another fun day! We started the day inside senior kindy’s room whilst we waited for our friends to arrive. Once our friends arrived we headed to the backyard to have our morning play.

Harley, Florence and Hope headed straight to the playground to have a play together. Comfort went straight to the obstacle course to jump on the steppingstones. The girls were all playing together for the morning, they were jumping between the obstacle course, coloured connectors, balancing boards, sandpit and exploring the garden. Hope was picking leaves from the garden and showing Miss Natalie.

Phoebe arrived and went and sat down around our garden table and was speaking to our toddler 2 friends, she later hoped on a bike and rode around the backyard. Henry arrived and joined Phoebe in riding bikes. Ellie came and sat down with Miss Natalie and read a book together.

Miss Hollie joined us for the morning. After a busy morning outside we came back inside for our group time. We sang our favourite songs, read our favourite book “BANANA” and went through our photo book of each other so we could get to know each others names and faces. Once we did that we did “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” to go wash our hands to. Miss Natalie decided it would be a fun idea to have a picnic inside for our morning tea. We all sat together on the rug and were having conversations and eating our yummy food. We ate delicious cake served with fruit slices.

If our clothes are a bit muddy today it’s because it’s international mud day. Why do we celebrate international mud day? It’s a celebration of nature, outdoors and getting very muddy! International Mud Day aims to connect children around the globe through the earth, by playing in the mud! We decided to make some fake mud with flour, corn starch and cocoa powder and water. We extended on children’s interests of cooking, so we got toddlers to help us make it by adding ingredients and mixing with their hands.

We added farm animals and leaves to make it look like a muddy farm! The children loved putting their hands in it and moving the animals around.

We all washed our hands around the side with the hose as we all got pretty messy. Once we were all clean we headed to our second activity of the day, gardening! Every Tuesday we now have Miss Hilary and Mr Phillip doing gardening with us. We have a garden up behind Kindy 2 room. Miss Hiliary came and collected toddlers and took them to garden, where they all got the oppurtunity to plant their own plant. They planted lettuce, and also watered them. Children loved exploring and being able to dig and plant themselves. This was another great experience to extend on international mud day. Toddlers have their own section in which they put their own plants, so we are allowed to go check on them whenever we have spare time to see how they are growing.

Once we walked back down and got ourselves cleaned up we played outside until lunch was ready. Miss Pishaya put on some music and took some ribbons out and our friends had a ribbon dance party! They were jumping around dancing and twirling their ribbons around. They had so much fun!

Toddlers had such a fun and busy morning it was time to head inside as we were hungry and tired.

Toddlers put their hats away, went and washed their hands and sat down to enjoy their delicious lunch. Supercharged spaghetti bolognese was on the menu today, which was served with our healthy salad bar. Cucumber, Cheese, Corn and Pineapple! Everyone ate so well! Our friends had tomato sauce all over their faces, we gave children’s faces a quick clean and it was time for their naps. Toddlers also all slept really well.

After we were re energized, we got up and sat on the table to enjoy afternoon tea, which was organic pumpkin and choc chip cookies served with fruit! Yummy!

We put our hats and sunscreen on and headed back outside for the rest of our afternoon.

Thank you for another fun, messy and adventurous day toddlers.

P.s Please be sure to label your children’s belongings to assist the educators in returning items to the right families. Including socks as when the children take their shoes and socks off, they can be placed anywhere and are harder to find/can be mixed up easy.

P.s.s Can you all send through a family photo for our family tree wall and any words from different cultures that your children might speak! Thank you xx

email: info@benowaearlylearning.com.au

Miss Dana and Miss Natalie xx