Good morning toddlers, welcome to another terrific Tuesday. We started the morning outside. We had little green bikes for toddlers to ride around. Harley was riding around them all morning. Comfort was digging a big hole in the sandpit and sitting in it. Ellie was reading a book with Miss Natalie. Hope and Florence were busy on the playground together and Henry was playing with the train tracks/cars.

We noticed some heart shaped leaves outside in our backyard. Harley and Ellie called out “Heart”. We decided we would all pick some together for a collage we can create later inside. They carefully picked the heart shaped leaves off the branches and placed them into a bucket.

They all followed Miss Natalie around the yard exploring more leaves to see if we could find some more leaves. We couldn’t find much more so we decided to do a collage with our heart shaped leaves and ask the toddlers what they loved. Harley replied “Mummy, Daddy, Dylan, Ozzie”. Henry replied “Mummy, Cars”. Comfort, Hope, Florence and Ellie all replied “Mummy and Daddy”.

It was time to come inside and start our day together. We put our hats and shoes away. We all sat down on the mat together and did our group time with Miss Natalie. We did our acknowledgement to country and counted to 10. We did our colours and then looked at our photo book that Miss Natalie made. Everyone was calling out the names of who they knew and were all pointing at each other. This was a good activity for the kids to get more familiar with each other and remember each others names. Harley is especially really good at remembering everyone’s names. Well done Harley. We continued on speaking about what we loved for our love heart shaped leaf activity today but our friends all answered “Mummy and Daddy” To finish off our group time we sung our favourite “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” then moved into wash our hands.

After washing our hands we went and sat down for our morning tea which was coconut yoghurt served with vegan chocolate chips, muesli, banana and strawberry. They all loved the chocolate chips!

We got started on our collage activity. Our friends were using there hands and eyes to put on glue on their page and then put the heart shaped leaf over where they put the glue. It was excellent hand eye coordination skills. They all did a really glue job sticking the leaf on where they played the glue. Each of them were counting the amount of leaves they were putting on their page. Some of them were putting them upside down and sideways. Some were putting them straight, everyone’s was unique in their own way. Toddlers also got a brown and green crayon and drew around the heart shaped leaves.

After our activity inside was done we headed back outside for a quick play. Henry ran straight to the cars and train tracks and was moving them around with his hands. Comfort went back to the sandpit and kept digging and cooking with the cooking sets we have in there. Harley and Ellie were reading a book with Miss Natalie. Hope and Florence were sliding down the slide on the playground. We had music playing outside so they were all dancing to the music and laughing and bopping around.

After a fun time outside it was time to come back in to enjoy lunch. We had vegan pizza served with corn and pineapple and avocado sandwiches cut into little squares. They all loved it and ate a lot. Good eating toddlers. We all went for our naps and woke up full of energy for another play outside. Before going outside we enjoyed our amazing beetroot brownie served with fruit slices and sultanas. Yummy yummy! Now for a fun rest of the afternoon outside.

Miss Dana and Miss Natalie xx