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Our story

What a Wonderful day we had at kindy today! We had a lovely morning exploring the outside yard with our friends from toddlers 2.  We spent the morning bird watching in the garden and looking and spider webs, we find it very exciting searching for spiders and small bugs and it was so much fun watching gala’s find their food. We then enjoyed playing in the sand and climbing the wooden forte with Miss Bianca and Miss Lauren.

We then came inside, for nappy change, a big drink of water and to wash our hands ready for morning tea. This morning Felicity and Paisley asked if we could have glittery playdough, the rest of our friends were very excited about this idea.  Miss Bianca made us all bright red playdough with Green glitter in it.  Tom, Jaden, Jack, Jack F and Mason enjoyed rolling the playdough out flat with the rollers.  Felicity, Maggie and Ivy liked cutting the playdough with the cutters and creating shapes.  Evie and Paisley enjoyed pulling the playdough apart and making it crumble and using kitchen cups and plates to pretend the playdough was food.

We then made our way outside and explored the gardens with Miss Bianca.  We found shovels and dug holes in the bark looking for small bugs and ants. Jaden and Jack were so excited to spot a small beetle all our friends stood around the beetle and watched it walk through the bark. We made sure we didn’t touch the bug because we didn’t want to hurt him. 


After exploring outside we made our way inside and sang along to the wiggles Christmas carols.  Miss Lauren then sung the scarecrow song to us all before we packed away for our yummy lunch.

Once we had finished exploring, we got ready to wash our hands, find our drink bottles and sit down for a delicious lasagne and salad bar. Then we had some much-needed quiet time to rest and sleep before getting up and starting all over again. We enjoyed yummy fresh fruit and cranberry slice for our afternoon tea before heading outside to explore.

Thank you to all our wonderful families for coming along to our Christmas party yesterday! we loved seeing all our families here together enjoying yourselves.

Also, If you could please write down your child’s last day on the sheet of paper near the sign in sheet that would be muchly appreciated. This will give an indication of the number of children and when we will give your child their special gift and artwork to take home. Thankyou!

Thank you for a good day Toddler 1.  

Miss Bianca and Miss Lauren.


Written by toddlers room