Hqppy Thursday Toddler 1 and welcome to another fun day at kindy.  This morning we had lots of surfers using our balancing boards.   Roy, Chloe,  Ayla, Aaron,  Harley and Arlo were all having a turn showing us there clever balancing and surfing moves.  This was so good for our gross motor skills and our length strength.  Noah was enjoying driving around in the car while Chloe followed along on a bike.  Lots of exploring was happening around the playground.  Harley was playing peekaboo under the fort with Miss Natalie and Arlo.   Our obstacle course was super popular with Harley, Aaron, Chloe, Noah, Roy and Arlo.  Ayla was having a great time climbing up the fort and sliding down the slide and running around to do it again and again.    We had fun chasing bubbles trying to catch or pop them.  Chloe and Arlo were reaching up so high to try and reach the bubbles.  Aaron was running after them followed by Noah.  As Noah was running after the bubbles he found the red ball and quickly went to it to practice his kicking skills.  Miss Natalie joined him and they spent ages kicking to each other.  Mr Rei also joined the game and soon Harley, Arlo and Roy joined in.  Samayra was enjoying looking at books and then sandpit play where she was doing lots of cooking using the pots and the sieves.   She was watching the sand go through the sieve and then putting her hands underneath to catch the sand.  Blake, Chloe, Roy and Ayla went to Tumble Tots with Miss Kim.  They came back super excited as they had a fantastic time.  Miss Kim has told us that our toddlers are gaining so much confident to try new things at gymnastics.

It was time to move inside for our group time.  We came in and put our hats away and sat on the mat with Miss Dana.  Chloe and Blake started off our Acknowledgement of Country again this morning.  We followed this with our Good Morning Song and counting our friends.  Miss Dana counted in the Yugumbeh language and the children were trying hard to repeat the words back to her.  Our friends joined in counting in English too.   Miss Dana asked the children “What would you like to do today?”.  Blake replied “Painting”.  Miss Dana asked “What would you like to paint”.  Blake replied “People”.  Miss Dana said “Yes Blake, that’s what we will do”.  Everyone loves painting in our room.

We went off to wash our hands transitioning with Bee Bee Bumble Bee.  We keep doing this transition song as the children ask for it every day.  They really enjoy saying their own name and also their friends’ names.

Everyone enjoyed their morning tea.  Today we had Turkish Bread and Bean dip.  Yummy!

Miss Dana set up our painting activity.  She painted a simple stick person and placed the paper on the little easel on the table as a guide for the children to follow.  Our own little sip and paint session.   The children did a great job with their painting.  They didn’t quite manage to copy Miss Dana’s stick person, but they gave it a good go and put their own interpretation into their painting.  They loved painting so much that we carried on with free painting afterwards.

For self select activities today Noah was busy with the trains and tracks with Arlo, Choe, Arron and Roy.   Samayra, Blake, Chloe and Aaron chose baby doll play.  Albie from Babies 1 joined us for a little play as he is transitioning to this room.  He loved exploring the room and chose the wooden trucks to play with.  Ayla was looking at books and then building with blocks before moving on to the kitchen area where she was investigating everything in the cupboards.  Samayra and Blake spent time in the kitchen area too, collecting food and plates for the babies.  Harley went to the quiet area with a baby doll and was looking at books for a while before choosing block building.  Most of our friends joined in with the block building and they did a great job sharing the wooden blocks.    Blake and Harley were chatting in the book area about their siblings.  Harley was saying “Baby Sister.  Dylan”.  And Blake was saying “Hunter”.  She then said “Mummy, Daddy, Blakey, Hunty”.  Harley replied with “Mummy, Daddy, Harley, Dylan, Ozzie”.  How beautiful they named their families for each other.  Miss Dana explained to Blake that Ozzie is Harley’s dog and Harley said “Woof”.  Such a beautiful interaction.  Arlo enjoyed dinosaur play

Miss Dana sang our pack away song and most of our friends joined in to pack away before we got our hats and applied our sunscreen for more outdoor play before lunch.  We had a run around and then Miss Dana invited us to the mat outside for some songs.  We sang Open Shut Them, Wheels on the Bus and then Arlo handed Miss Dana the book of Is Your Grandma a Goanna to read.  She read it and then Blake handed her the book called Koala Lou.    This was a lovely relaxing way to start our transition inside to wash hands.

After washing our hands we got our drink bottles and  sat at the table.  Lunch today was Organic Poke Bowls.  We chose from sweet potato, tofu, edamame beans, corn and brown rice with quinoa to add to our bowl.    It was delicious.

We washed our faces and hands and went to our beds and settled down to listen to the rainforest music.

As we woke up we did some quiet activities at the table until all our friends were awake.  We did some puzzles and drawing.

Afternoon tea today was an Organic Spelt Carrot and Oat bar and fresh fruits.

We have had a beautiful day together today and so much fun.  Thanks Toddler 1 friends.

Miss Angela and Miss Dana xx