We had obstacle course fun to start our Thursday.  Blake and Chloe started us off with lots of balancing across the curved wooden bridge.  Noah and Cooper were next and followed each other across the balance beam and across the a-frame climbing frame.  Arlo found a football and was so happy kicking it and rolling it with Miss Angela and Miss Ana.  Cooper was building with the big wooden cube blocks and making big tall towers. Samayra was in her favourite play spaces this morning – the fort and the sand pit area.  She was climbing up the fort and surveying the playground before sliding down and then moving to the sandpit to do cooking with Saylor, Arlo and Blake.  They helped each other fill buckets and tip them over for their sandcastles.  Roy was running around the playground having races with Chloe and then they both joined friends on the fort.  Isabella went to the sandpit when she arrived and was picking frangipani flowers to collect in her bucket.  She used them to decorate her sandcastle.

It was time to move inside for group time and morning tea.  The children did a great job of sitting on the mat and listening today.  We sang our good morning song and said our acknowledgement of country.  Great joining in the arm actions Blake, Isabella, Saylor and Noah.  We said hello to our friends with the Bee Bee Bumble Bee song and went to wash hands before sitting at the table for our morning tea.

Activity time was self select this morning.  We are promoting the children’s agency every day.  Noah and Arlo got out the trains and tracks.  Isabella got out the wooden blocks and was building with Saylor, Chloe and Blake.  Samarya was in our quiet book area looking at the Peppa Pig story about Daddy Pig losing his keys.  Roy was cooking in our kitchen and Samayra came to join in.  The were very busy with pots and plates.  Isabella went to get two baby dolls and was reading to them quietly in the book area.  She then patted them to sleep.  We did some drawing at the table.  Miss Ana got out paper and crayons for the children and they did some colourful drawings.  We were talking about the colours of the crayons extending on the children’s continuing interest in colours.

At pack away time our friends did a fantastic job.  We packed away in record time and went to get our hats and sunscreen so we could go outside before lunch.

Our lunch was delicious today.  It was a poke bowl with tuna, rice, nori, corn, broad beans, carrot, tomato and cheese.  Everyone did a great job selecting their chosen foods with the tongs and then passing the serving plate along to their friends around the table.

It was a lovely social occasion where the children and educators were chatting about the foods we were eating and the colour of the foods.  The children were interested and engaged during this time of eating and socialising.

Our friends are getting so good at packing away their plates and food scraps.  We don’t even need to prompt them much anymore.  Well done TD1!

We had a restful sleep and then were up and ready for our afternoon tea and more outdoor fun.

Miss Angela and Miss Ana xx