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Daily program



Type of play


What play and learning opportunities were on offer

What we enjoyed doing

Outdoor time






Role playing in the sandpit

Shapes colouring

Chalk drawing in House structures

Home corner

Reading books

Our toddlers loved exploring the sandpit

Children were engaged for quite long time in this activity

Drawing is one of room  interests 

A must do for our toddlers 1

Relaxed in our book area

Group time




Singing  with miss Karla

dressing with clown accessories

Meal time

Our toddlers love singing sessions

It was really fun to see them dressing up

Encouraging our toddlers to be sitting while we eat

Indoor time







Kitchen corner

chalk drawing

in house structures

Reading books

Shapes colouring

Chalk drawing in House structures

Pasting foam shapes on the glass door

Kitchen corner is a must do for all of them. They really enjoy role playing with the pans and pots

Children loved reading books with miss Chloe

Our toddlers loved wetting the glass door and putting the shapes on top.

Types of play = SP spontaneous, I.T Intentional teaching, C.I Child initiated

Links to Early Years Learning Framework

1.1.1 Build secure attachments with one and then more familiar educators.

1.1.8 Initiate interactions and conversations with trusted educators.


4.1.1 Express wonder and interest in their environment

4.1.2 Children are curious  and enthusiastic participants in their learning.

4.1.6 Children participate in a variety of rich and meaningful inquiry-based experiences.

4.2.5 Children manipulate objects and experiment with cause and effect, trial and error, and motion 


Links to theory/ extensions/ notice to families:

We are trying to gather as much card boxes as we can in order to make a structure for our toddlers so if you families have card boxes at home that you don’t need feel free to bring them to kindy.


Daily Blog- our learning story


Our story:

Happy Thursday lovely families!!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday.

We started our morning out in the pre-kindy yard where our friend Tatiana was exploring, she was the first one from our room arriving at kindy this morning, and there she was peaceful playing waiting for us to arrive.

Miss Mona and miss Karla started their shift at the same time this morning and hang out in the pre-kindy yard for a bit. Around 8:15 AM we transitioned to our front yard with some of our friends from toddler 2 room, there we waited for the rest of our friends to arrived at the kindy. We were role-playing in the sandpit with our toddlers 2 friends when our toddler 1 friends were arriving one by one. Everyone was happy this morning on the drop-off.

While out in the yard miss Karla brought some clown accessories and many of our toddlers 1 loved to put them on.  Miss Karla put a red wig on her head and Noah asked her to take it off. Mis Karla laughed and said ok Noah but I look pretty. Irina decided to wear a rainbow wig with a big colorful tie and she also tried to put a red round foam nose on her nose. Our friend Tatiana decided to wear a silver shiny hat and she also loved to wear a big colorful tie. Ashton tried a wig on and then swapped for a shiny hat. Dion also loved the shiny hats, he decided to wear a purple one. Mis Karla put a green wig on Sofia and she looked really cute. The rest of our friends were looking  and smiling at the ones who were getting dressed up. 

At 9:30 it was time for us to get ready for morning te so we transitioned to our veranda and sang our good morning song. Then miss Karla shaken everyone hands thanking them for coming to kindy today. Then we made our way to the bathroom to wash our hands and sat down for morning te.

For morning tea we had organic apple and raspberry crumble, fresh fruit and custard. Our friends loved their morning te.

As we are working on self-help skills, today we set up a bucket with water for our toddlers to rinse their plates after they finished their morning te. Our toddlers are good at helping their educators packing away after mealtimes.

After morning tea it was time for our activity time. As we are working with shapes today we did shape colouring which they loved it and spent quite a long time sitting at the table engaged with the activity. We also provided stickers to them for adding to their colouring. Taking the sticker off and pasting them in a paper is a good activity to support their fine motor skills. We saw Kento focused trying to colour the inside of the shapes. Our friend Leo decided to put a few stickers inside every shape. Sofia also got concentrated while colouring. Once our friends were satisfied with this activity they moved to do something else like role-playing in the home corner, chalk drawing in one of our new toys which are wooden house structures, reading in our book area. 

At 10:15 we moved out to our veranda to get some fresh air and in there we did one more activity with foam shapes. We provided them brushes and some water to wet our glass door and then put the foam shapes on the wet areas. They had really fun wetting the glass door. As they were putting the shapes on the glass miss Chloe and miss Karla were asking them what shapes they are. They all are doing well in repeating and memorizing the shapes. We saw Hrihan holding four shapes and putting them on the glass. Busy hands Hrihan!!!

At 11:15 it was time for us to have lunch so we transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands and then sitting for lunch. Washing their hands is a really fun moment for them, there is always a lot of laughs when we are doing so. 

We had falafel with hommus and lemon couscous with a fresh salad bar. 

As they were finishing their hands and faces were wiped out and then they made their way to each of their beds.

They rested their little bodies for a fun afternoon play with our toddler 2 friends. We then headed back to the table after rest time to refuel our bellies. Today for afternoon tea we enjoyed pita crispies and fresh fruit. We then packed away our plates, put on our shoes, sunscreen and headed outside to adventure with our toddlers 2  friends.

Thanks, everyone!!! 

With love, miss Mona, miss Chloe and miss Karla.


Written by toddlers room