Hello Monday and welcome back to kindy Toddlers 1 friends. Miss Lilian and Miss Lauren hope you all had a great weekend. It was such a beautiful morning as our friends were so happy playing and exploring in our front yard when Miss Lilian arrived work. Sophia loved finding the leaves on the ground and placed them in the basket. Miss Lilian helped her and followed her everywhere he went. Eden, Holly, Irina, Dion and Noah came to join and participated in finding the different leaves for Sophia.  Miss Lilian thought that we could utilise those beautiful leaves for our collage activity. Tatiana spent her time with baby dolly and doing digging the sandpit. Dion, Holly and Eden also loved sand drawing lots of lines and circles. Irian was having fun with Eden as they rolled around the red tunnel in the sandpit. They laughed and giggled.


As the weather was just perfect and everyone were happy so we stayed a bit longer until 9:30am then we headed back to the room for morning tea.


Dion walked to the bathroom door where we are going to wash our hands. Our friends followed him and Miss Lilian made sure everyone wash their hands with soap and washed with water. Once we done our hand washing, Miss Lauren set up the morning tea at the table for us. It was yogurt, fresh fruits and sultanas. Our friends now were doing very well scrap the food off the plate in the bin and placed the drink bottle away once they finished.  


At the activity time, we have many friends sat on the book corner and read books. Everyone chooses their own and favorite one to read;

Eden – guess what color book

Irina – animal ABC book

Noah – trucks / cars and color fish

Tatiana – spot and guess what

Holly –  guess what noises book

Dion – trucks and diggers


While our friends reading the story, they loved to show Miss Lilian what did they see. Eden found the rabbit in one of page and pointed at it and said, bunny. Same as Irina who found a bunny in her page as well. Miss Lilian said, what does the bunny do? Tatiana replied, hop hop hop. Dion also imitated the word hop hop hop. Holly found the monkey and snake in her book. She said cheeky monkey when she pointed at the picture. Miss Lilian said what does the snake do? Holly replied, shzzzzz. Noah was reading confidently when he saw the color of fish like red, blue and yellow in each page. Dion showed Miss Lauren the big digger in his book and then went to searching a digger at the toy box and he found it.


Miss Lilian thought that we could use the beautiful leaves to create our eater bunny. She cut the bunny face template off from the coloring paper and prepared PVA glue so we can collage our Easter bunny craft. Our friends were interested in applying the glue and feeling the texture with their fingers. Holly pointed at her paper and said, ears. Miss Lilian asked Holly, where are Holly’s ears? She then pointed at hers and smiled. Noah wasn’t sure the texture, but he was very interested in the colors that on his paper and leaves. He saw and said, green, yellow and red. Dion loved to feel the green fluffy leaves on his hands, and he tried to tickle Miss Lilian with it. We laughed and giggled. Eden, Irina, Sophia and Tatiana enjoyed decorating the bunny with leaves and ripping the leaves into pieces.


Eden also enjoyed playing the toy trucks or cars on the car mat. He made sound broom broom and beep beep while he rolled the car on the floor.


Holly, Noah and Irina spent their time building blocks. They were very concentrating what they were building and finding the right piece in the basket for their work.  


Sophia was busy at the home corner. She usually loved to finding food, placed in the bowl and then eat them. Then she will carry one of her favourite veggie with her. She is such a food lover.


After packing up the room. We headed to outside yard and playing until lunch was ready. We enjoyed playing peek a book, cars, trucks, animals and blocks with our friends and Miss Lilian and Miss Lauren.


 The lunch was sandwiches and our friend loved it very much. After food we were so tired and fall asleep quickly.  Once we wake up and ready for afternoon tea we also celebrated Noah 2 years old birthday together. We sang birthday song and blew the candles. Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes so much. Thank you Noah and Noah’s parent for bring this lovely cupcakes.


 We all had a lovely playing lots of fun activity. We will see you tomorrow.

Written by toddlers room