A cool morning outside this morning, but the children enjoyed the opportunity to have a play outside.

We enjoyed digging in the sandpit, cooking in the mud kitchen, balancing on the obstacle course, mowing the grass and drawing on the chalkboard. Hamish, Arielle and Anna were filling the buckets up with sand in the sandpit. Charlize, Avery and Luca were balancing in the obstacle course. Sofia and Jessie were using all the different colours to draw lots of pictures on the chalkboard with Miss Madie.

We were very hungry little toddlers today and Miss Claudia and Miss Dana were very impressed with how quickly the children went to the bathroom to wash their hands and follow instruction. We enjoyed yogurt, banana and sultanas for morning tea.  

After morning tea it was fee activity time.

We enjoyed:

  • Blocks
  • Cars
  • Book corner
  • Dancing
  • Wooden blocks
  • Dress ups
  • Peggy board
  • Number colouring (Jessie, Charlize and Arielle’s interest)

To extend on Jessie, Charlize and Arielle’s interest Miss Dana found some numbers for the toddlers to colour in. Miss Dana sat with Anna, Hamish, Charlize, Jessie, Arielle, Luca, Avery and Sofia and practiced counting from 1-10 the toddlers then chose lots of different colours to colour in the numbers. Hamish, Anna, Charlize and Luca were making patterns with the different colour pegs on the peggy boards. Arielle, Anna and Avery were dancing to the wiggles, frozen and trolls music. Jessie, Luca, Hamish, Arielle, Avery, Anna, Charlize and Sofia were reading lots of books in book corner with Miss Claudia.

After our big play we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Dana pack away all the we were playing with. We then sat on the mat with Miss Claudia and sang some songs. We enjoyed open shut them, incey wincey spider, jingle jangle scare crow, twinkle twinkle little star and row row row your boat. All the toddlers did a great job at joining in singing the songs and doing the actions.

When lunch arrived we transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands, we then sat at the table ready for some yummy lunch. Miss Dana placed the bowls of food and our drink bottles in front of us.  We enjoyed fish, potatoes, veggies and salad bar for lunch. The toddlers did a great job at eating their lunch with lots of friends asking for seconds.  

Once we finished our lunch it was time for a rest. We provide an opportunity for the children to re energise their little bodies. After our rest it was time for our afternoon tea. We enjoyed savoury sweet corn and zucchini blini’s with Fresh fruit.  

Once we had finished afternoon tea we found or hats and out sunscreen and got ready to go outside for a play.

Thank you Toddlers for a great day!

Miss Dana and Miss Claudia  

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Written by toddlers room