Happy Friday to our Toddler 1 friends!


We had a lovely morning starting off inside before making our way outside to explore and play with our friends. Holly and Ashton gave Miss Mona a big cuddle when she arrived this morning and then followed Miss Karla down the steps and off to play outside. Dion, Kento and Noah then arrived happily and headed off to play in the sandpit and to ride on the cars and motorbikes. Hrihan was excited to play with the animals on the mat while Irina and Lennox played inside the mushroom house. Rocco was happy to do some chalk drawing with Miss Chloe, Kento and Noah on the blackboard. Leo bought a lovely little flower to kindy today for Miss Mona and was excited to show her.

Swinging in the tree’s like Monkeys: Around the back of the mushroom house this morning, Miss Mona found her friend Ashton climbing the trees. He was stepping on the branches and trying to figure out which branch he could stand on without it breaking. His friend Holly joined him here soon after and together they climbed and explored until they came across the perfect branch to swing on! Holly held on tight and swung her legs up and said “Look Ashton!!!” Ashton then said “Wow my turn”. When Ashton had a turn, he said to Mona “I’m a Monkey, ooo oo aaa aa” They then took turns together swinging, using their legs to gain momentum to swing faster and faster. They liked making monkey noises while doing this!

Dion and Leo then came over and joined in on the fun! Dion said “My turn!!!” and did a great job at holding on tight enough so that he could swing back and forth. Leo showed his friends that he could hold on for a long time before falling off. Irina, Kento and Rocco also joined us over in the trees. Holly found a taller branch that was a little bit too tall for her to reach. Holly said to Mona “Help Mona” and Miss Mona lifted her up so that she could reach the branch above her. Holly was hanging here laughing saying “Look Look I’m a Monkey”. Rocco, Irina, Leo, Kento, Ashton and Dion all then waited for their turn to be lifted up to the tall branch. Some of our friends needed some help from Mona to stay hanging. We had so much fun being monkeys in the trees together this morning!

At 9:30 we had a morning tea picnic outside in the shade before coming inside for our activity time. Today we left the doors open to the veranda for our friends to choose either indoor or outdoor play.

Building and fixing with tools, wooden blocks and foam blocks: Hrihan, Leo, Dion, Lennox, Noah, Ashton, Rocco and Kento concentrated hard on building and fixing with the tools. Noah used the measuring tape as a phone to talk on! Noah, Kento and Leo build some very tall towers with the foam blocks and then used the hammers and saws to work on them. Dion and Lennox filled up the trolleys with the blocks and pushed it around the yard. Dion said to Mona “Bye Mona” as he pushed his trolley in the other direction. Hrihan was busy using the pliers and hammers to work on the beams and railing in the yard.

Singing and dancing: We did LOTS of singing and dancing today! Kento and Dion asked for their favourite song “Shotgun” and soon all of our friends were dancing, clapping and singing along! Rocco and Hrihan bopped up and down and clapped along laughing while Leo, Dion and Holly did some funny dance moves that made Irina, Lennox and Noah laugh and laugh! Noah asked for Wheels on the bus and sang along so loud and happy! Ashton did the actions really well to this song. Kento also asked for “Baby Shark” which Hrihan, Irina and Lennox did amazing actions too!

Baby area inside: Lennox, Ashton, Holly, Leo, Rocco and Dion spent some of their time in the new baby area in our room. Leo and Holly really liked feeding the babies with the bottles as they sat in the high chairs. Lennox liked pretending he was a baby and enjoyed lying down on the change mat with a blanket on top of him. His friend Rocco sat down next to him and patted him on the back to sleep. Rocco and Dion changed the babies’ nappies with Miss Mona who helped them. Ashton liked reading the baby books and enjoyed investigating the baby toys and how they worked.

Climbing through the palm trees: Our friends enjoyed climbing through the palm trees again today! Ashton said “Watch Me” and Leo said “Can you see!!” as they climbing through the big palm tree branches. Irina, Holly, Dion, Hrihan, and Kento followed their friends and had a turn after they went through the trees.

Home corner: Rocco, Noah, Kento, Irina and Holly did some cooking in the home corner area. Holly and Rocco liked using the microwave and the stove doors to open and close.

Book shelf: Ashton, Noah, Rocco, Lennox, Irina and Holly did lots of quiet reading at the book shelf outside on the veranda. Noah found his favourite animal book to read with Miss Chloe.

At 10:50 we started packing away and then did our nappy changes and toilet routines. We then headed into the sandpit for a play before we came back inside for lunch. We had sushi today and we were all very excited!

Thank you for a lovely day Toddler friends, we hope to see you tonight for our movie under the stars to celebrate Father’s Day!

Love Miss Mona and Miss Chloe


Written by elctoddlers2