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Happy Friday Toddler 1 friends!

Everyone arrived with a big smile on their face ready for the busy day ahead. This morning in the front yard our friends mostly enjoyed playing in the sandpit or riding the bikes and cars around. Dion remembered how his friend Leo used the sandpit as a pool yesterday and approached Leo and said “Jump in pool Leo?!” Leo said “Yeah lets go!” They were doing funny jumps into the air and falling in the sand laughing. Holly joined in on the fun and was giggling. Hrihan and Ashton played beautifully together. Ashton sat on the fast red car and Hrihan pushed him around the yard. Ashton was looking back at Hrihan laughing and Hrihan was saying “Weeeee” and “Woooo”. It was so nice to see them playing happily!  Noah headed straight for the green garbage truck and then also found a yellow school bus. He took them with him around the yard to the different play spaces he explored. Lennox chose to ride on the green bike and also enjoyed riding on the orange digger. When Irina arrived she enjoyed a little play in the sandpit before morning tea time.

We enjoyed a nice morning tea picnic before reapplying sunscreen and hats and heading around to the back yard where it was nice and shady to start some gardening activities!

Planting herbs: Miss Mona set up the plate, water and soil in a quiet shady area of the back yard. We also used gardening gloves so we didn’t get our hands too dirty! Miss Jo gave Miss Mona some of the Woolies planters to make with our friends yesterday which we used. They are very small, so our friends had to concentrate hard to not spill the soil or put too much water in! Leo, Dion, Irina, Holly and Ashton all chose to have a turn at planting the herbs in the little pots. First Miss Mona placed the dried circle of soil onto the plate. She then handed our friends 50 ML of water and asked them to carefully pour it over the soil. Our friends then mixed the soil and the water so that the soil expanded! She then handed them a spoon and then fill the small pots up with the soil. We stuck in the name of the herbs so that we would remember what they were. Our friends enjoyed hearing Miss Mona tell them what herb or vegetable they were planting. Dion was excited when Miss Mona told him he was planting a tomatoes. He said “OH Tomatoes!!!!” Leo was planting the herb oregano and said “Huh what’s that?”

Watering the veggie garden: Irina, Noah, Leo, Dion and Ashton also enjoyed watering the veggie garden that Mr. Peter is bringing back to life! Miss Chloe filled up the blue watering can that Irina found and they all took turns in watering different parts of the garden. They also liked smelling the coriander and mint leaves that were growing in here.

Bubbles and water play: Miss Karla was blowing the bubbles around the yard and our friends were chasing her trying to catch them! Hrihan was yelling “Bubbles!! Bubbbles!!” Lennox was running around giggling and laughing. Miss Karla then got the hose out and put it on the spray mode and our friends were laughing and running in and out of the water. Leo was saying “It’s raining!” as he laughed and ran through the water.

Car and trucks: Rocco, Ashton and Noah spent a lot of time with the cars and trucks today. Noah found the little people houses and liked driving his cars through the doors. He really liked opening and closing the doors. As he put the car through the door he would said “Bye car see you later”. Ashton drove the ambulance car he found along the railing of the garden while Rocco rode the big orange truck around the yard with a big smile on his face!  

Animal water tray: Our toddlers 2 friends came out for a play and Miss Bianca set up a water tray with animals. Holly, Rocco, Dion, Ashton and Lennox enjoyed playing here with their friends from the other room.

At 10:30 we headed around back to our veranda yard. Here our friends Dion, Leo, Ashton and Noah played in the cubby house and pretended to be sleeping on the pillows! They were all saying “goodnight” and closing their eyes. Irina and Holly liked playing with the babies at the home corner table while Lennox did lots of cooking in the home corner area. Hrihan and Rocco built with the Duplo blocks in a quiet corner.

At 11:10 after our nappy change and toilet routines, we came inside for lunch! We were all very relaxed after our busy morning. After we finished eating we headed off to find our beds and to read books quietly until it was time for the lights to go off and for us to rest our bodies!

Thank you for a great end to the week friends.

Lots of love and have a good weekend!

Miss Mona &Miss Chloe