Happy Friday Toddler 1 friends!

Miss Mona and Miss Chloe were excited to greet their friends as they arrived this morning. It was a quiet morning outside with most of the children playing in the sandpit or driving around the yard on bikes, scooters and cars. It was lovely to see our friends greeting each other as they came in the gate. Dion and Noah were excited to see their friend Leo walk in the gate, they yelled out “Leo!!!!”. When Kento arrived, Holly was yelling his name out to him and had a big smile on her face. When our new friend Rocco arrived Holly and Leo were excited to wave hello to him. Our friends played outside until 9:30 and then they headed onto the veranda for a picnic. Everyone sat in a circle after washing their hands and enjoyed a big plate of fresh fruit and toast. After our friends had thrown their food scraps in the bin they headed inside to start activity time.

Pretend play with Babies: Leo, Dion, Tatiana, Holly and Lennox enjoyed looking after the babies in the new area of home corner. Dion and Holly liked having their friend Leo place blankets over them as they relaxed on the pillows. Leo lined up the babies on the pillows too and patted them to sleep. Holly and Lennox liked snuggling up with their babies on the pillows while Tatiana carried her babies around patting them to sleep saying “Sh Sh”

Home corner: Noah, Tatiana, Rocco and Holly did lots of cooking in home corner with Miss Chloe today. Rocco liked the egg cartons while Tatiana was busy feeding Rocco and Miss Chloe using the cups and scoops. Noah was busy rearranging the food and trays in the shelves. Holly liked to feed the babies with bread and milk.

Building with wooden blocks and connecting blocks at the table: Lennox, Dion, Hrihan, Tatiana and Eden sat at the table and concentrated on building with the wooden blocks and connecting the colourful blocks. The colourful blocks were a little bit tricky to begin with but after some help our friends started to get the hang of it! Hrihan took some of the connecting blocks and started to fill up containers of them from home corner.

Making hot air balloon collages for Dion’s interest:

To extend Dion’s interest in hot air balloons today we did a hot air balloon collage! Miss Mona drew some hot air balloons on coloured paper and we used collage paper to decorate them. We used our fine motor skills to hold the glue stick in one and used the other hand to stick the collage paper down. As we were making our artwork we spoke about hot air balloons and Miss Mona showed our friends a photo of some hot air balloons. Dion, was very excited to see one and liked pointing at it excitedly. Dion’s friend Leo said that he has seen one in the sky too!

Our friends Dion, Leo, Noah, Kento, Eden and Holly concentrated hard and were very engaged. Miss Mona demonstrated to our friends only once how to use the glue stick and stick on the collage paper and most of our friends didn’t’t need any more help.

Reading in the book area with Miss Chloe: Hrihan, Tatiana, Dion, Rocco and Lennox relaxed on the pillows in the book corner with Miss Chloe and did lots of quiet reading. Miss Chloe read all of the books her friends handed to her. Hrihan loved the ABC book and was said “ah ah ah ah ah” and “oh wow” as he looked at the pictures.

Cars, trucks, car tracks and planes: Hrihan, Lennox, Leo, Kento, Eden, Rocco and Noah enjoyed making roads out of the car tracks and then driving all of the different types or cars and trucks over them. Lennox found a yellow digger that he liked driving up and down the car tracks.

AT 11 everyone headed outside for a little play. Our friends liked walking and searching through the gardens and climbing through the trees. The block shelf has been moved out here so a lot of our friends enjoyed this area too.

Our friend enjoyed their pumpkin soup with yummy Turkish bread for lunch today before headed to bed.

Can our families please bring in a family photo to add to our new family tree please, if it is easier you are able to email this is and we can print them off here 🙂

Thank you for a great day Toddler friends, enjoy your weekend!

Love Miss Mona & Chloe xoxo


Written by elctoddlers2