Good Morning Toddler 1 friends and happy Friday!

We had a lovely morning outside in the yards with the sun shining down on us. Everybody had a great drop off and settled in fast to play & engage with their friends. Our favourite activities this morning were riding fast around the yard on the bikes and motor bikes, digging in the sandpit, exploring the green grass, throwing the balls around and drawing with chalk on the chalk boards.

We started our nappy changes around 9 o’clock with lots of our friends wanting to sit on the toilet! They enjoyed choosing what toilet they wanted to sit on as they looked at the pictures above. Dion was excited to see the paw patrol photo there. We made sure we flushed the toilet, washed our hands and then wiped them with a paper towel before we headed back outside. Our friends who are not interested in the toilet had a nappy change where they enjoyed identifying the shapes and colours on the wall. Tatiana did a wonderful job at this! Kento did an amazing job at repeating the shapes as Miss Mona identified them.

We decided to have a morning tea picnic outside in the fresh air. After washing our hands, we sat down in front of the mushroom house to enjoy some yummy fruit toast and fresh fruit slices. Once we had finished here, we headed into the big fort yard as Rocco wanted to have a play here. His big brother plays in this yard so Rocco feels happy and comfortable.

Tatiana, Dion, Kento and Holly took turns on the swings with their friend Noah pushing them high into the sky. Tatiana laughed and laughed each time Noah gave her a big push on the swing. Dion was very relaxed on the swing and had a big smile on his face. Leo, Rocco, Hrihan and Ashton enjoyed building with the Lego blocks on the mat in the shade. To incorporate Naidoc week into our play today some of our friends did some rock hand prints in. Ashton and Leo spent a lot of time printing their hands on the rocks in the yard.

We headed back into our room at 10:00 as Miss Mona had a fun activity planned for us! To extend on our shared interest in pretend cooking in home corner, Miss Mona organised an activity where our friends got to make and drink their own orange juice. On the table, there was a box full of cut in half oranges, cups and a hand juicer. Miss Mona demonstrated to her friends how to push the orange down on the juicer and move it from side to side or squeeze it. Everybody watched carefully as she did this. It was a little bit tricky at first but with some help our friends used their fine motor skills & concentration and were able to squeeze the oranges well! There was only one chair at the table so our friends had to wait their turn patiently. Our friends enjoyed watching each other as they made their own orange juice. Once our friends had squeezed and orange or two with the hand juicer, Miss Mona carefully poured the liquid into a cup for them to try. Everybody was amazing at trying their orange juice with nearly ALL of our friends saying “More More!” or holding their cups out for more. Dion, Leo, Hrihan and Ashton loved the taste of the fresh juice and were so excited to try it again and again.

This activity not only extended our friends interests in food, home corner and cooking but made them feel very proud of creating their own yummy juice! They were all very excited and happy with themselves and we were very proud of them too! 🙂

Once we had packed away the juice making table our friends Kento, Tatiana, Dion, Leo and Hrihan did some great quiet reading on the mat while Noah, Ashton, Holly and Rocco did some dancing and singing on the mat. We went back outside around this while our room was getting prepared for lunch and rest time. Our friend Lennox joined us our here and was happy to give Miss Chloe a big snuggle before heading off to play!

We all were asleep around 12 and woke up before 1:30-2. We then had afternoon tea and went outside for a play with our Toddler 2 friends.

Enjoy your weekend friends,

Love Miss Mona and Chloe xxxxxx

Written by elctoddlers2