Hqppy Friday friends, and welcome to another fun day at kindy.  We started our morning inside in the SK room joining with other friends.  Koa was enjoying the puzzles and the felt play set.  He was choosing lots of dinosaurs and trees to put on his felt board.  Once some more of our friends had arrived we moved around to our Toddler playground.  Blake was showing us her surfing skills on the rocking boards.  She moved to the fort and slide and joined Ayla.  After they had both slid down the slide the walked to the obstacle course holding hands.  When they got to the obstacle course they gave each other a big hug.  So sweet!  Koa came to join in the obstacle course play.  Noah discovered that there were dinosaur jigsaw puzzles that Miss Pishaya had made set up on the table.  As he looked closer he realised there were dinosaur toys as well and he spent ages at this activity, along with Koa and Chloe.  Samayra and Harley were in the baby nursery area putting the baby dolls in the cots. Chloe found a wooden tube and a leaf and put the leaf in the tube so half of it was hanging out.  She told us it was a dog and was shaking it to wag the dog’s tail.  So cute.   Luella was on the obstacle course going across the balance beam and climbing the a-frame bars at the end.  She then spent time on the fort and slide joining in with Chloe and Ayla.  Ayla was excited to see Miss Kim arrived to collect the children for Tumble Tots.  Harley raced over too as she knew today was her day to go.  It was Noah’s turn too and they happily went off with Miss Kim to the gym.  Harley was so excited she was jumping up and day saying “Yay, yay”.  When they came back Miss Kim said they’d been great and that Harley finally climbed the ladder and tried a forward roll.  Harley was very proud of herself as she told us about “climb ladder”.  The children are really progressing and gaining confidence.

It was time to move inside for group time and morning tea.   Everyone sat on the mat waiting for Miss Angela to start our acknowledgment of country.  When she put out her arms to start Chloe, Luella, Blake, Noah and Koa all did the same and we recited our acknowledgment of country together.  Miss Angela asked “what’s next?”,.  Chloe started singing Hello Good Morning and we all joined in.  Blake and Luella then started singing Bee Bee Bumble Bee so we did our transition to wash hands.  Well done everyone, you are getting so good at following our routines and knowing our songs.

During our morning tea we were asking the children what they would like to do today.   Playdough was the popular choice.  We asked them what colour they would like and Blake said “Pink”.  Miss Dana went to make some beautiful soft pink playdough for our table and the children used the rollers, playdough scissors and cookie cutters in their play.  Chloe enjoyed rolling her playdough out flat and then rolling it with her hands into wiggly worms.  Alyla liked using her hands to flatten out the playdough.  Aaron was  using the playdough cutters to chop his playdough into smaller pieces.   Harley was squishing her playdough with her fingers and hands.  Noah was rolling his playdough into balls with a little help from Miss Angela.  We then rolled them across the table to each other.  Koa was using cookie cutters to make animal shapes.

Noah, Koa, Blake and Chloe then moved to the trains and tracks and were building the tracks together.  Koa then collected trains and cars to place on the tracks.  Samayra got out the wooden blocks and was making towers.  Miss Angela joined in and Blake, Luella, Chloe and Noah came to build too.  Harley decided to be a stomping dinosaur knocking over the towers.  Luckily the children thought this was funny and Harley sat down to build with them.

Miss Mona bought some friends from the Babies room to have a little play and investigate the playground.   We got our sunscreen and hats on and joined them outside.  The children that are transitioning to other rooms are enjoying having some time in their new environments.

Miss Angela and Miss Dana got bubbles and it was so much fun as all the children were running and jumping trying to catch and pop the bubbles.  So lovely to hear so much laughter and happy voices.  Everyone loves bubbles!

We invited the children to the mat for some songs before moving inside for lunch.

Our little friends were hungry and definitely ready for a rest today.   After eating we settled down on our beds to recharge our batteries for more outdoor fun for the afternoon.

The meals today were :

Morning tea : Mango, granola and banana

Lunch: Mushroom, Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne and salad bar

Afternoon tea: Raw energy bars and fruit

Our friends all ate very well today and enjoyed their meals.

Thanks for a fantastic Friday and enjoy your weekends.

Miss Angela and Miss Dana xx