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Happy Friday Toddlers 1!  What a beautiful morning to start our play outside.  We had so much fun in our playgrounds.  Noah was busing driving the car followed by Charlie on the bike.  Blake was enjoying climbing up the fort and sliding down – it’s her new favourite thing to do every day.  Sand play was a popular play space and there was lots of cooking going on. Samayra, Isabella and Charlie were making cups of tea and cakes for Miss Angela.  Miss Angela had so many cups of tea and cake she was full up!

We came inside for morning tea a little earlier today as we were having sport with Miss Ang.  So exciting to be big Toddlers able to do sport like the bigger kids!      We put our hats away and sat on the mat ready for group time with Miss Angela.  Great listening Toddler 1 friends.  You were all engaged as we sang our Good Morning Song, Acknowledgement of Country and transitional song to wash our hands.  We enjoyed our yummy scrambled eggs and Turkish bread followed by fruit.

Toddler 1 you did a fantastic job of lining up at the door and holding your partner’s hand as we walked out to the big playground to meet our sports teach Miss Ang.   We sat and listened carefully as she explained what we were going to do.

She had set out an obstacle course for us.  We took turns walking over the little fence obstacles, tried our best to jump up and down in the hoop, walk to the next hoop and turn around and around and then to the ball where we took the ball of the tee and placed it in the hoop and then back on the tee.  This is all about our concentration, coordination, social, cognitive, balance and gross motor skills.  We’ll have sport each Friday from now on.   Great job Toddler 1 in your concentration during sport today.

When we went back inside after sport everyone was keen on getting a bell each to do some dancing and bell ringing.  It was very noisy but so much fun!   We then had self select activities.  Isabella chose to play in the kitchen and with the blocks.   She was joined by Charlie, Blake and Noah who were all building towers.  Blake thought it was hilarious to go around knocking down her friends’ towers.  Her friends weren’t so happy with this but carried on building their towers back up.  Great resilience friends!

Blake spent a little quiet time reading in the book area.  She loved the Fat Cat book.

Our colour of the day today is Blue and Miss Dana organised a painting activity for us.  It was interesting to note that most of the children chose do do a form of dot painting with their paint brushes and blue paint.    After painting Isabella, Blake, Samayra and Noah got out the crayons and textas and were doing drawing together.  Great to see some emerging correct pencil grip Isabella.

We were ready for lunch after a busy morning.  Today was nachos.  Yum!  We showed our wonderful self serve skills with the tongs to serve our pasta, pineapple, cheese and carrots.  We had our lentil sauce in a bowl and we loved to dip our organic corn chips in it and add some cheese and pasta.  Such a fun social lunch.   We had full tummies ready for sleep.

Our group time before afternoon tea was stories and songs with Miss Angela and Miss Dana.  MIss Angela read the Fat Cat story given to her by Blake.  We sang Old MacDonald had a Farm, Open Shut Them and Twinkle Twinkle little Star.

We had a big play outside after our afternoon tea.  It’s been a wonderful week and the children have settled in so well to their new Toddlers 1 room.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Miss Angela and Miss Dana  xx

Dear Families:

Just a little reminder – can you please ensure your child has a named water bottle, spare clothes and sheets/blanket each day.    Could you also please bring in a family photo for our family tree.  Thank you.