Toddler 1 – Blog

Thursday 17th June 20121

Welcome to a another terrific Thursday toddlers. Today we started the day in senior kindy room and then headed outside to our front yard for a play. We had a play with our toddler 2 friends as we were getting our roof cleaned and painted so we had to stay inside for most of the day after our morning play. Harley was busy eating her banana and watching Mr Rei balance on the see saw. Comfort was reading books with Miss Natalie. Aaron was busy on our little mini tractors digging. Albie and Henry were driving around in the car together. We stayed outside for as long as we could then headed back into our room.

Today we only have 5 friends who joined us! We came inside and did group time with Miss Natalie. We sang “Baa Baa Black sheep” and “Twinkle Twinkle little star”. We did our acknowledgement to country and washed our hands to “Bee Bee Bumble Bee”. We sat down and had our morning tea which was homemade beans served with Turkish bread. We all got a little messy and got sauce all over our hands and faces but that’s okay we got cleaned up as soon as we were done. Harley noticed that she was getting sauce all over her big pink puffy jumper so we took it off straight away!

After we ate, we sat down and counted blocks together and spoke about what colours are what. Miss Natalie picked up a green block and Harley and Albie yelled out “green”. Comfort was stacking her blocks into a high building. Henry and Aaron were rolling them around. They all went to the home corner for a play and started to cook as that is there favourite thing to do. We also had a wiggles concert today as Harley asked for one. Everyone was dancing together.

Once we had a little play Miss Natalie made a little book of photos of all our friends in our new class. We all sat  down and called out who was who. Comfort loved her photo. Albie called out “Hope and Florence”. Aaron called out “Gigi and Aaron”. Harley yelled out her name and Henry said “Henry, Hope and Florence”. They all kept flickering through the book. It was a good way to get to know each other and remember everyone’s names.

We were all getting super tired and hungry so we washed our hands and sat down for lunch. We had Poke bowls served with avocado, tomato, edamame beans and corn. Everyone ate really well and everyone got to sleep super quickly! Once we woke up we had carrot cake served with fruit slices. For the rest afternoon we will have some for fun playing together and looking at our book and getting to know all our friends. We are going to print some more photos to add to it!

Thanks for a fun day toddlers, see you tomorrow!

Miss Dana and Miss Natalie xx