Good afternoon to all of our amazing parents of Toddlers 1. We hope you’ve had a great day thus far and are excited to hear about what we got up to today! I can assure you that the children loved it and were in the element! We’ll begin by sharing with you our group time.

Today’s group time was full of fun, laughter and learning. All the children gathered on the mat and we began our group time with our Toddlers 1 good morning song. The children did their best to sing along with Mr Oskar and Miss Natalie, it was so cute! We then moved onto the next part of our group time, learning the alphabet. Mr Oskar and Miss Nat had flash cards of the alphabet with little pictures of an object, animal or thing on them that started with the letter on that card. Mr Oskar asked the children what the picture was on the card and then taught them what the beginning letter of that picture was. For example, Mr Oskar would say “S for sun, can we say S for sun?”, and the children would repeat after him. The children enjoyed this and were quite good at it too! That was our group time, tonnes of learning today! We’ll now share with you our indoor play experience.

Indoor play today consisted of numerous educator and child-initiated activities where all the children had the chance to explore their imaginations and thrive through individual and collaborative play. Mr Oskar and Miss Natalie planned for the children to create a whole-class masterpiece. The activity involved a large piece of paper, different coloured paints splattered on the paper and covering the paper with glad wrap. This way, the children could mix and mash the paints with their hands, without getting any paint on them. The children absolutely loved it, banging, mixing and mashing the colours altogether. Hope and Florence enjoyed this activity so much that they were the last ones to leave the table and didn’t even want to head outside for outdoor play! Indoor play was creative to say the least, now we’ll tell you about outdoor play!

For outdoor play today, the children were given the opportunity to maximise their outdoor experience and enjoy themselves with a variety of different activities and apparatuses. Comfort began her morning outside on the rocking horse. She enjoyed rocking back and forth and started showing off to Mr Oskar how big she could rock the rocking horse! Harley wandered around the yard with a hula hoop trying to twirl the hoop around her waist. Once she realised that the hoop was too big, she just started turning side to side, pretending to twirl the hoop around her waist. Albie and Leo asked Miss Nat to get the toy buses out of the cupboard, where they took it over to the table and pretended to pick up all the children for school. Towards the end of outdoor play, Ellie, Henry and Ivy all sat down together with their Toddlers 2 peers and enjoyed a nice story, chosen by the children, read by Miss Pishaya. Aaron spent most of his outdoor play in the sandpit, digging holes with his peers and sitting in them. He found this amusing, so he kept digging multiple holes all around the sandpit.

Just a friendly reminder, please remember to bring your forms and payments back for the kindy photos happening in October!

We hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Mr Oskar and Miss Natalie