Good morning everybody and welcome to another fun Thursday. It was nice to see everyone dressed up in their snug clothes for this chilly morning. The children were so excited arriving to see their educators. Ayla ran to Miss Dana and gave her big hug as soon as she saw her. Ayla is always so excited to come to kindy and see her teachers and friends. Harley, Noah, Ayla, Chloe, Aaron, Blakey, Roy and Samayra were all having a turn drawing on white boards with markers. Albie and Henry joined us for play in the yard. Harley was excited to see Miss Natalie and go visit miss Juiliani for her morning banana. Henry loved building with duplo blocks and Albie was busy pushing big truck around. Arlo had lots of cuddles and happily went off to chase the bubbles. Henry came over to Miss Dana with his lips ready to blow bubbles. Miss Dana went down on his level and bought the bubbles closer for him to blow. He was very happy when the bubbles started to fly, he chased them trying to pop them. Samayra was building a tall tower but it was so hard to put more on top so Miss Dana built a little platform for her.

Miss Kim came and collected Ayla, Chloe and Blakey for gymnastics. We waited for our friends to come back and headed inside for our group time and morning tea. It was the first time Albie and Henry joined us for our group time so our friends showed them how to sing and do our acknowledgment to country. Miss Dana asked what our friends wanted to do today and Blakey called out “Painting” right after Chloe called out “Car”. Miss Dana decided to set up a painting activity where our friends got to choose what colour and toy they wanted to use for it. Harley asked for Miss Dana to get the colour purple. Our friends got to decide between using their fingers/hands/a car/ a truck or a train to run their painting across with. Noah, Blakey, Arlo and Ayla chose the car. Harley, Chloe, Samayra, Roy and Aaron chose the train. They were moving their little toys all around the paper to make little tracks and different colours. They were all calling out colour names. Albie and Henry also had a go painting with toys. They loved it!

Our friends made Albie and Henry feel very welcomed. They were playing with them in the home corner pretending to cook and showing them around. They even were playing with the train tracks together. They had such a fun time! Thanks Albie and Henry for visiting. After we had some fun inside we put our sunscreen on and went outside for a play as the weather was getting warmer. Chloe picked up Blakes hat for her and put it on her head. What an amazing helper. Blakey, Chloe and Harley were yelling out their brothers and sisters names. “ZOE, HUNTER AND DYLAN”. It was so cute. We all loved going out in the sun as its been such a cold day. Noah, Aaron, Ayla were playing on the playground together whilst Samayra and Arlo played in the sandpit together.

After our play outside we came back in for our yummy lunch which was Poke Bowls served with our salad bar which included edamame beans, cucumber, corn and avocado. Arlo loves avocado so much he is always asking for more! Our friends always love when we have rice for lunch, its one for their favourites. After lunch our friends packed away their bowls and drink bottles and went to lay down on their beds. They know their routine so well.

Once our naps were over we had our afternoon tea which was carrot cake served with fruit slices and then played inside for a little. We played with some puppets and sang some songs. Then went back outside for our last play together. Miss Dana got out the bubbles again and our friends were all chasing them and trying to pop them. Miss Natalie put on some wiggles for our friends to dance to.

Thanks for another fun day toddlers!

Miss Dana and Miss Natalie xx