Jingeri Toddler 2 Families,

We started our day inside with a bubble disco! it was a great way to get warmed up and enjoy morning waiting for more friends to arrive.

Busy morning today out in the front yard

We enjoyed some water painting, Chloe and Blair were making coffees just like the mobile van in the front carpark, Tom was cooking pancakes in the sand kitchen.

Arlo was Balancing on the beams and steppingstones and having some races on the bikes with Mielle and Luella.

We had a yummy morning tea of jelly and fruit and yummy fruit toast and started activity time with a group time. Miss Pishaya read us a book called my culture and me, it talked about group time stories and sharing culture with your family. We watched and listened to the elder talking about how they use the ochre made from stones to paint their bodies for special occasions. Naidoc week is a celebration of Culture so today we did our own ceremonial painting on pictures of ourselves.  Even our teachers did it too we enjoyed watching them make their faces.

It was a fun and reflective activity. We have learnt from our elder uncle Allan that children in this area only wore light colours on their faces, so we did the same. Roy and Stevie were very focused with their fingerpainting.

We enjoyed playing with baby dolls and the Roy made a game with the felt balls and was rolling them with Tom and Arlo.

We had some role play cutting in home corner restraint with Mr Hiroshi.

Sahira and Samaya and Roy were enjoying sitting at the table and concentrating on their skills.

We then went outside and enjoyed stories and playing in the sandpit.

Sahira and Saylor were very busy with the diggers. Blair and Stevie enjoyed holding hands and walking around exploring together and hiding underneath the fort. Luella was on the bikes again racing around chasing Chloe and Arlo. Mielle enjoyed playing with the loose parts and wooden slices and animals with Tom.

We had some songs with Miss Alison and sand our acknowledgement to country, so we were ready to go outside to play who helped us put on our own sunscreen and find our hats on the hook ready for some more fun outside

We had some exercise and stretches with Mr Hiroshi and then we played a game of kick, chasing the football around the yard. Then did some aerobics workout jumping up and down stretching with miss Pishaya.

After yummy and Thai veggie noodles, we washed our hands and cleaned our faces and we said our affirmations, I am calm. I am peaceful, I am happy then listened to a guided mediation and had a rest.

We went back outside in the front yard and enjoyed hide and seek in the mushroom house, going on a bear hunt behind the trees and looking for birds, planes, and helicopters.