Happy Tuesday Toddler 2 friends and family. We started our day undercover in the back yard with Miss Karla as it was a little rainy. Our friends enjoyed building “walls” with the wooden blocks and kicking around balls together. We came inside a little earlier today as Miss Anj was setting up sport for the big kicks. Everybody quietly came inside and made a circle on the mat. We put on some meditation music while practicing some deep breathing, “smell the roses (breathing in) blow out the candles (out)” Once we had found our breathing rhythm we practiced some yoga. We practiced the cobra, lotus, dog, cat, bridge, rag doll, camel and finished with the cloud. While in the cloud position we asked the toddlers to think of something they could do today that was kind to themselves and others while taking some more deep breaths. To finish of we came back to sitting position to finish with a great big “ommm” before saying “may we all have a wonderful day, namaste”

Everybody tip toed over to the mat ready for group time.

We began our group time with our routine good morning songs before welcoming everybody into the day. Jax helped to check the weather today, he opened the curtains and looked at the sky. “is it sunny?” asked Ashton. Jax shook his head. “raining?” prompted Miss Chloe. Jax shook his head. “is it cloudy?” asked Maddison. Jax nodded and found the grey cloud picture to stick to the wall. Thanks for your help Jax. Next, it was time to check the day. “ITS TUESDAY!” said Dion with a big smile on his face.

We read a few books before continuing with our show and tell. Today we read:  Wombat Stew, Its Sharing Day and Christmas Mouse.

It was time for show and tell, Harper bounced up extremely excited to show her friends her toy dog. “its Everest!!” she said with a big smile. “Where is Everest from? “ asked Miss Chloe. “from paw patrol!” said Harper as she skipped around with excitement. It was time for questions, Maddison’s hand shot up, “where does she sleep” asked Maddison. “in Mummy’s bed” replied Harper. Everybody gave Harper a big clap, thanks for sharing Harper.

Next, Ashton confidentially walked up in front of the class with a special picture. “it’s the lighting from my house, the protons and ions mixed together really fast (demonstrates with his hands spinning them fast and then claps) and then it goes flash, bang!!” “does anyone have any questions, put one hand up” said Ashton.

Harper said, “I have a question Ashy”

“one hand up” he replied.

“oh yeah, where does the thunder go?” asked Harper.

Ashton bent down to Harpers level and said, “It goes everywhere then it comes back to my house, any other questions”

Dion put one hand up. “yes Ashy, does the thunder and the lighting go all the way from your house and come back?”

Ashton again bent down to his level showing him the photo. “it goes around peoples house and disappear then come back to my house.”

Ashton then came back in front of the class and we looked closely at the pictures, briefly speaking about the protons, ions, thunder, and lightening. We then asked the toddlers if they saw the lightening last night.

Ashton – “its proton and ions mix really fast for a long time and then flash bang”

Livinia – “the lighting comes and there is big noise”

George – “some presents”

Maddison – “thunder and lightning, its Christmas”

Zeliang – “its raining and then it just storm”

Mason L – “it comes to my house yesterday and went crash. It go bing bom crash”

Quinn – “light”

Dion – “made of lighting, thunder and then it pops”

Charles – “Mummy and Daddy”

Harper – “big crash at my house. I saw lighting with my Daddy and the lighting saw it outside in my Christmas tree. It’s made of plastic”

Sebastian- “my Daddy saw”

Olivia – (whispers) “out of a big LIGHT”

Marley- “from a house. It comes from my house”

Jax – “its noisy”

Sofia smiled and pointed to the picture and washed her hands ready for morning tea.

The rain had stopped, and it was cooler weather today, so we decided to have our activity time outside. We found our hats, shoes and sunscreen and we were off for an adventure!

We made our ‘choo choo train’ and walked up to the back of kindergarten to explore the vegetable patch.

The toddlers loved exploring the outdoor environment! Our friends enjoyed watering the garden and making sure all the fruit, vegetables and herbs had a great big drink!

Meanwhile one of the garden beds was empty, the toddlers decided to use water and shovels and play in the mud, everybody loved this!

On the mats, the toddlers had the option to build with the waffle blocks or ready some stories if they wished.

At 11am we made our train and ventured to the ‘big yard’ to extend our outdoor play. We have been playing in this yard more frequently lately, so the toddlers become more familiar with their outdoor environment for next year.

At 11:30 we transitioned to the back yard to take off our shoes and wash our hands before our yummy lunch of lentil lasagne and salad bar.

Everybody had full tummies and were ready to rest their bodies for find quiet activities before waking up ready for the afternoon.

Thanks for a lovely day toddlers,

Lots of love,

Chloe, Karla and Stacie xxx